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Unexplained pain under ribcage


I have an unexplained pain under ribcage on left side . Its been there for weeks and is now moving further up my chest.

At first I thought it was caused from anxiety. But the pain is so real and physical, it has been worrying me.

Oncologist didn't really take it seriously in my last meeting. Had an MRI done a few days ago and will get results later today. Im so nervous. What if this has spread... all kinds of things going through my head.

Anyone else had these types of aches and pains?

Also my heart rate is constantly high, is this a sign that my body is trying to fight the cancer?

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Hi. I have been having exactly the same thing!! I have pain in my ribs cage both sides but changes occasionally. Also in my stomach too. I saw a GP 2 days before Xmas eve he said it was a trapped lymph nodes. I still have the pain now I have had it before . They found 4 fractured vertabre on a scan I think my pain is referred from another fractured frankly. No one is interested. I'm like you feel has it spread (the cancer) I'm not sleeping with worry. I see much oncologist on Monday .

Do you feel well in yourself apart from the pain? I have no problems withat my bowel or bladder etc.

I hope you get it sorted as it is worrying isn't it?

But had mine since before Xmas and although it's hurting no other symptoms.

Try your GP and tell him it's really worrying you

I cannot get to see my regular GP till 1uth by that time I will have seen my oncologist!!



Hiya honey,

I too have this annoying pain just under my left hand side of my rib.. oncology seems to think it's where my bowel was tied ( I have an ileostomy) so I'm going with that at the mo ! I think we will never cease to worry , and in all fairness I worried that I would get cancer before my diagnosis anyway !! At least I actually DO have something to complain about now ! 🙄😳

Much love ❤️

Jackie xx


Hi Lollie yes I have pains on my left hand side under my rib. I monitored it for 12 weeks and most of the time sneezing or turning my body right it hurt. My Onc Dr has suggested it's due to my surgery and being cut so high into my diaphragm that my body is still healing. She suggested breathing exercises which I have attempted and it's not as bad but still there...so 🤞... I gave a CT scan scheduled next week and 🤞with this too. Love Michelle xx

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I don't know what it might be but Katmal was saying the other day that her pain (which she though might be a recurrence) turned out to be a cracked rib from coughing / sneezing. It's difficult for us because we worry whenever we have an unexplained pain / ache.

Good luck with your results later today. It's my guess your high heart rate is caused by anxiety but it's just my guess.

All the best!

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Hi Lollie, I am sorry to hear you are in pain. I have pain under both sides of my rib cage. I have finished chemo 12 weeks ago & have been told it could be down to acid reflex. The tablets are not working & like you I am worrying the cancer has gone into my lungs or liver.

My daughter in law thinks I should give the tablets another week & if still in pain ask for a CT scan.

Let's hope your results are good. Take care Cindyxx

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Hi. Have you had a cough or cold recently? As one of the other ladies has already said Ive a similar issue with chest pain.Does it hurt if you press the affected area? I dont think Ive ever been so relieved to be told I may have cracked a rib or ribs from coughing or sneezing ! Please try not to worry, easier said than done , believe me I know xx Kathy xx

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Hi all, I have also had pain on my left side got so bad that my cns increase my Zomorph to 120 mg per 24 hrs. Long story short. Had 3 litres of fluid drained. Relief for about 10 days. Then brake through pain started. Had 1st cycle of gem/carbo on Wednesday. Couldn't stop peeing all last night but joyest of joy this morning the pain on my left side has gone. So if any of you ladies feel very bloated and struggling with tightness all around chest and tummy it could be that. Meant too to say. Was diagnosed with stage 4 high grade OC Nov 30 2015. 6 cycles of cabo/taxo Dec 2015, finished treatment the 6th May 2016. In remission for 8 months then the big C reared its ugly head. So back on the chemo train. Perhaps this track might be of help. Much hugs to all. Sue 💕


I hope you got the results by now and that you have no reason to worry do let us know how you are


Hi I have a constant niggle on my left side under my rib cage and sometimes on my right I also have what feels like nerve pain in different parts of my tummy. I have had a hysterectomy. Part of lower bowel removed , and the lining of pelvis removed . I also had debulking surgery last January followed by 2nd line chemo which didint work. I too worry it's the cancer spreading to my liver . It's encouraging to hear other women experience this pain also. The thing I find most difficult to deal with is the oc says watch for symptoms but the symptoms are so vague you would be at the Drs every day . I also have two kidney stents which I need to have in permanently which cause a constant back ache . Hey ladies when you start to list all what you have you realise what a crap disease this is. But we are still here cuddling our families and getting through one day at a time .


Sounds like this rib cage pain is fairly common. I too felt sure the cancer was active in my body with all the pains I have been having but the scan and ca125 show everything to be in check, just one new lesion since surgery on my liver dome. As far as I can tell that is about the only organ that hasn't hurt at some point. We are taking a wait and see approach on this as he didn't think addressing it now or in 3 months would make any difference in how we would need to treat the lesion since it is slow growing, so that sounded good to me. Like several of these ladies, if I went in each time I had a pain they would need to put in a revolving door. It's been 8 months post op & 4 from last chemo... I will say that I agree that it takes time to not panic or just plan get scared every time a new pain or a returning pain hits you. This is why these forums are so important to help keep our sanity when we start spinning in circles of "what ifs", they can be big time robbers of regaining our health and well being.


Hi Lollie!

I think all of us understand the panic feeling when there is a new pain in our abdomen! I am 7 months post surgery and still have twinges in my belly and snapping pains right below my ribcage. My GynOnc consistently reminds me that this is a major surgery and it takes time for the body to heal. Sometimes up to a year. He said during that time there can be 'referred pain' to other areas.

I try to keep it in check by focusing on how I am feeling over all. The breathing exercises really do work. Especialy to calm the mind. This might help with the tightness in your chest as well.

You're doing the right things......talking to your doctor and getting a scan. It is hard to sit and wait. Our bodies are put through a lot. Especially starting chemo right after surgery. If you are struggling with anxiety it might be a good thing to talk to your doctor about. There are many things they have available to help that.




Did you get your results?


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