Any other ladies here live in London?

Im keen to meet other women who are also in the same boat. I don't know anyone else who has had ovarian cancer. I would love to regularly meet up with any woman who would like to meet . Im the only person in my group of friends who has cancer and I love them but they often don't know what to say as they know less about it than me, and i am still trying to learn as much as i can.

If you fancy a get together , coffee, walk in the park , would be lovely...

Im based in London.


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  • Hi Lollie - what hospital do you attend?

    I know there is a group that meet at Guys on the 1st Tuesday of the month, I haven't been as clashes with another class I attend.


  • Royal marsden x

  • Lollie, are you being treated at the Marsden in London or in Sutton?

  • Hi Adele the one in London x

  • Not sure where you are however there's a group that meets in Purley - this poster re dates and times was on the FB Ovarian Cancer UK closed group page this morning:

  • That's really useful to know. I'm moving to near Purley. My moment of madness is I'm moving in with my partner. I've put it on hold for too long and he has been my rock. Up to my neck in boxes as I speak. With this diagnosis I thought I shouldn't make the move but I've decided not p put my life on hold any more. I can keep my treatment at southend. I'm going to work less as a supply teacher and leave my manage pressures behind. I'm going to live just like you x

  • Hi Gleedy I live in Banstead about 5 miles away! When you're all moved in let's meet for coffee. Good luck Love Michelle xx

  • Sounds like a plan. I'm moving to south Godstone. Another member has said the same so we could be a threesome x

  • Just Google mapped as I don't know the area.. only twelve miles away x

  • The Purley support group would be a good mid-point for you both. We have a great and lively group that meets on the second Wednesday of every month

  • Thank you xx

  • Thank you choski x

  • Hi,

    I live in Kent about 20 mins on a train from London and if you look at Nicky100 there are quite a lot of ladies that replied to a face to face meeting,some in the London area.

    Just getting the last bits of Christmas and New Year packed away and would love to meet up with some of you,

    Carole xxx

  • Hi Carole I'd love to meet up too.. I live in Banstead, Surrey Love Michelle xx

  • Hi Michelle,

    Have you seen Mrs atkos post for Wisley on 26th Jan at 12?

    Should be near you if you can make it


  • Hi Carole I can't do 26 as now back at work... however if my ct scan date comes through then yes... I'll keep you posted.. Love Michelle xx

  • Shame,too, keep us posted xx

  • I could do after 3pm... have sent Jemima a reply. Xx

  • Just seen this. We are a growing group x

  • Did you see Mrs Atkos post about meeting on Jan 26th?,just off the M25 at Wisley?


  • I've just googled wisley. I could drive there but I should be at work. I've got to work to easter commuting back to essex. Great! I am upset at leaving but over the moon to be working a lot less soon. I've found the return to work too tough. Count me in for future ones though x

  • Shame Hun,just that Thursdays are usually a good day for me and I will probably go,keep in touch xx

  • That would be lovely! I have a mind like a sieve,so, I don't mind if you pm me

    Carole xx

  • Hi Ladies I am over across the seas but I love speaking to you all on here.

  • You are always here for us and there seems to be quite a gang in Ireland x

  • Which part of London?

  • I'm a newbie in Barnet, North London. I was just diagnosed in December and I'm being treated at UCLH.

  • Hi Cheryl, I believe there is a support group in Barnet - Cherry Orchard Lodge

  • Group: SUPPORT GROUP Cherry Lodge Cancer Care (View all groups)

    Address: 23 Union Street, Barnet, London EN5 4HY, United Kingdom


    Tel: 02084417000



    Meeting times: every six weeks, Wednesday 7.30 - 9pm / ovarian cancer group

  • Thanks Adele! I'm having my staging/debulking surgery on Wednesday, the 11th. If I'm well enough, I might try to attend the meeting on the 25th Jan. I suspect that the 8 March is more realistic.

  • Thanks for the plugs for my little Guildford GT - for anyone that's missed it, 26th January at 12 midday, so far there are 3 of us meeting up at RHS Garden, Wisley, Surrey (M25 Jnc 10 - A3 turnoff) for a wee walkie and cuppa/sandwich...let me know if anyone else fancies coming along! :) xx

  • Hi Everyone in London, I am aware of 3 support groups in London - In Purley at the South East Cancer Help Centre on the second Wednesday of every month; - in Hammersmith at the Maggie's Centre on the first Wednesday of every month and in Barnet. They are all listed on the Ovacome website. I will go and find the link and post it here.

  • List of support services across the country including 3 in London

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