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They going to give me that . And I'm shocked because they give me dildo and said that my places can scar over and get close ,so this dildo can MAYBE be helpful.. they said it happend for me.. Maybe 1-4% chance FOR ME it not going to happen😥 So... No more sex for me. I hope that dildo keeps places open, sounds painful. Arghh... I'm only 43 and not having husband or anybody..

Anyone who experienced same thing? Any tips?

Love S xx

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I haven't, but I have read about it.

It's like all exercise.... most of the time we don't want to do it, but after we have done we feel the benefit and it gets easier. If we don't do the exercise, we pay for it down the line.

Who knows what the future holds for you? You don't need anyone else to have pleasure.

Most of us complain that they don't pay enough attention to our sexual lives, so for once it's great to see them doing it and thinking about your pleasure!

It will get easier probably. Lots of lubrication needed probably.

It might be worth ringing the helpline as they may have specialist insight into this?

Good luck xx

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Dear Sofiasomaha

It sounds as if you have been given a vaginal dilator. This is because radiotherapy can cause the vagina to narrow as the tissues do not stretch as easily. The dilator stretches the vaginal tissues to help recovery.

This can be uncomfortable as the tissue is very sensitive after radiotherapy (and using dilators is not recommended during or immediately after radiotherapy ends), but it shouldn't cause a lot of pain.

Your clinical nurse specialist (CNS) will be able to advise on when to start using the dilators and suitable lubricants (usually water-based lubricants are recommended at first after radiotherapy as they are less irritating) so that any discomfort is minimised. The dilators are different sizes and you use the size that is comfortable for you. If you do experience pain, you will need to talk to your CNS for advice.

It doesn't mean no more sex for you. Please private message me or call me on 0800 008 7054 if you would like to discuss any of this privately. There is a lot of useful information available on this subject so if you would like me to send you links to reliable websites please let me know and I will be happy to do this.

Best wishes


Support Services Manager


Useful clarification reply, thanks Anna


Hi S,

I did reply to your post but it's disappeared..... Not sure what's happened!?!



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