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Pea size tumor between belly button and scare

Hello Ladies

I am 3 week after my first carbo/caelyx. Still in bad form and next chemo is Thursday the 1st.

I see my doctor every week now. I'm just back from hospital now. My blood tests weren't great. White cells were on quite dangerous level, and doctor sad I'm lucky I didn't get any bad infection. She has changed my neulasta single shot into 12!!! shots given for 12 days between each chemo 😭

But that's not the worse thing. I found 2 days ago a little lump next to my belly button. I was hoping that could be scaring from surgery, even I didn't feel it before, and I'm sure it wasn't there. Doctor confirmed it's a cancer, and is present on my ct scan done back in September. Was very small at that time, so no one has noticed it on ct. So my further treatment is not sure now. I will get second round of chemo next week and then ct scan at the end of December. And then doctor will decide what we do next. Anyone else has experience with that kind of situation?

Also even bloating improved I have a pain in my stomach. I feel like cancer is there as well. Doctor says the stomach is irritated by caelyx and steroids. She gave me more tablets to protect stomach. Anyone else had a stomach pain on carbo/caelyx.

What other surprises are waiting for me. I'm so upset and devastated.


Janeta xx

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Hi Janeta. Im so sorry you are having such a rough time and are having so much to deal with. I've no experience of the situation you are in but I just wanted to wish you well and send you a hug. Please let us know how you get on. Take Care. Kathy xxx


Yes I've been having stomach pains all over abdomon. Consultant doesn't seem to worried as I'm only two chemo's down, and if there were more rumours, as they believe to be in my chest area, the treatment plan is the same.

Hope this helps a little? Always speak to someone about your concerns. Even if just your clinical nurse specialist xx


I can't say anything else than just I HOPE and wish all the best for you❤


I'm so sorry to read you're having such a tough time Hun. Sounds like you're currently being dealt a really shitty hand & could do with a break. Sending you a huge virtual ((hug)) over the tinterweb xx

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Hello Janeta!

Like the others I am so sorry you are going through this and I am sending you lots of positive vibes and virtual hugs!



Hi Janeta

I'm sorry for all this. What we all have to go through is horrendous, but try to keep as positive as you can

Sending positive vibes and love

Judy xxx


Sending ((((hugs)))) Janeta...hope you get some answers and a solution very soon xx


Hi Janet's,

Don't have experience of this, but just wanted to say you are a strong lady and you will get through.

You were doing so well and you need to gather your thoughts,you can do this don't be devestated,just ask the right questions and go with the plan.

It sounds like you are bein taken care of,I would like to wish you the best,

Carole xxx


F*** It! My perfect response to most things these days! You want to see my belly I have lumps and bumps everywhere all of which I expect are cancer, I've stopped worrying about it. i have had all sorts of stomach upsets of the past few weeks and am on caelex, but meds seem to do the trick so make sure you are getting what you need. Hopefully the treatment you are on will kick it in to touch. In the meantime I can highly recommend walking to the top of a hill and shouting those words at the top of your voice!


Janeta I'm sorry to hear you're going through all of this. I did have a bad stomach on carbo/Caleyx. They were able to give me tablets for it. I also was very bloated but both did subside after trrrstment.

Hugs xo


Dear Janeta

I just want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. So many of us have different experiences and any pain worries us . Once we are diagnosed we see all pain as Cancer related. Lots of times it isn't but we have to trust the doctors will know and when they say the pains are related to the chemo we have to believe them . That is not to take from your very real worries about your bloods and new lump. You are being very closely monitored so nothing should get by unnoticed. Also Janeta going through so much physically is bound to affect you psychologically and we cannot believe we will ever feel positive again . We have all been down that black hole but you will climb back up again. You are a determined , brave young woman and special to so many people. Take care and I will keep on praying .



Hi Janeta.....Just want to add my positive thoughts and good wishes for better days ahead for you. I'm thinking of you and sending hugs and prayers......JudyV


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