Don't give up

We are all interested in feeling better that is why we are on this site. That has been my idea since the doctors have been treating me. I always answer to them --As long as this is what is going to make me better I am in! Because I have always been a busy person I am finding being bogged down with this new life change very challenging. I am accepting where I am but also am keeping very positive. The fact that I have a name for all that I have been through has been comforting. I went to so many doctors with pains in my abdomen that I finally got someone to listen. And i am so blessed that I kept looking for answers. Keep telling yourselves how blessed you are and it makes life that much easier.

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  • I agree changing from independence to dependence is a huge challenge but we can only take one day at a time and go with the flow as in following our consultants advice in treatment, However, we are entitled to seek a second opinion at any time. best wishes and welcome to the site

  • I welcome second opinions or even home remedies. Some don't. I look at it as it cannot hurt to listen.

  • I too am feeling bogged down with this new lifestyle. I too have gone from being so busy to now not having much to do to keep my mind active. I'm positive most of the time and thankful I'm alive and hope that with time my life will get back to a new kind of normal. We just have to keep remembering we will enjoy life once again. Sending a hug. Xx

  • I slept all day long. That is totally unlike me. But I let myself relax. I am not used to it. But I have to remember i need time to recover.

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