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Why I think like this

I love support other women here and I ever think the worst can happen when I read others stories ( even if they are "hopeless" etc. ) I love to tell positive stories what I know and other supportive things but I NEVER support myself when I am down. So strange. So, when Im down , Im really, really down.

I think you will cope with it, long time snd surviving.

Now Im waiting my midway scan results. Stressfull, have to say.


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Good luck with your upcoming scans Daniella...I know what you's far easier to help, encourage & support others, but when it comes to being kind to ourselves, we can often find it difficult. I think that is quite natural ((hugs)) x


Hi there Daniella, it is okay to be scared it happens every single one of us and our minds wont just shut up when we tell them to, Dont be hard on yourself, do something you enjoy while waiting for the result to take the focus away from it. Get out and have a walk, look at the lovely colours of autumn and listen to the birds singing. Enjoy looking into people gardens as you pass by. Treat yourself to a coffee, sometimes the best company you can have is your own.


Hi Daniella,

Scan results are always stressful,I have just been through them,as all the ladies have.I love giving help and advice to others and don't always take it myself.

We always think the worst,but it isn't always justified,try not to worry, I try and keep myself busy and went away for a week prior to scan,tend to bury my head in the for me,don't worry it won't help,

Let us know how you get on

Carole xxx


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