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Meeting with onc

Had surgery for first recurrence 7 weeks ago- removed a 4 cm tumour from ureter and reimplanted ureter into bladder. Seeing onc today to discuss next steps, which will involve chemo. Not sure when he will want to start- hoping I can get Christmas over first. How likely do you think that is? Am I being silly- sailed through chemo first time but really scared about it this time for some reason. Sorty for ramble- just had to talk to someone!

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Just s thought...what grade cancer did you have? Is it a high grade and probably faster growing or not? That MAY have a bearing on what your Oncologist suggests re the start date of your chemo. Hopefully you will have ( or had) a really good meeting today and be able to talk through all your options for start date. Let us know how you get on.

Take care and have a virtual hug from me

Clare 🌷 Xx


Thank you. Had very positive meeting with onc- said I'm one of only fifteen patients he's ever met whose cancer recurred as a 'lump' and not widespread. Am to have carboplatin only for 6 sessions to mop up any stragglers but he is hopeful that it won't recur. Feeling a lot more hopeful now! X


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