Following my two week referral, the gyn wasn't concerned about the cyst that had caused so much worry to the sonographer and gp. He says the sonographer's report flagged that there was no/minimal blood flow to the cyst and that actually it's more concerning if there IS blood flow. My CA125 results were normal so I have follow up blood test and scan in 3 months. Does this sound reasonable timescale? Am considering paying for private scan and blood test in a month instead just to monitor things.

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  • Hi Blancmange,

    I feel that it may be sensible to get it checked out again before, three months seems a bit of a wait. I don't mean to worry you but I had a large cyst with very little blood flow and my CA125 was only slightly raised. I had to have a total hysterectomy because it got so large so quickly and was pressing on other organs. Turns out that I had cervical cancer that had travelled to my ovaries, apparently very unusual & that's why there wasn't the blood flow. I'm not saying for one moment it's the same in your case but sometimes things aren't straightforward and it doesn't hurt to get it checked out again to put your mind at rest. It probably will be just a benign cyst & I really hope I haven't worried you, as I said my case is very rare. Take care, Helen x

  • Hi Blancmange - I must admit, I concur with Helen about getting it re-looked at. I had a scan which showed a 16cm 'cyst' with no/minimal blood flow and my CA125 was normal, yet once it had been removed and sent for testing, it came back as a 'borderline mucinous tumour' and I had to undergo further surgery to have ovary, fallopian tube and appendix removed. Fortunately, because my first surgeon was diligent and removed the tumour within a bag, the 'nasties' weren't spread about and so far, i've not required any further treatment. I was told it was quite unusual so i'm sure your situation is nothing to worry about after what I went through, i'd never hesitate making absolutely sure. Good luck hun xx

  • Thanks for this response and to Helen for hers. I think I will get it checked again. The gyn says the cyst is 2cm and I do trust him but I think for reassurance it's best. I'm not sure how quickly it would grow but i'll definitely get it checked before my 3 month follow up.

  • Hi Blancmange......

    I would definitely go and have it checked . I had a normal ca125 and they werent too concerned about the cyst but as I needed a hysterectomy they removed it and it was cancer.

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