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Had womb biopsy done 4 weeks ago

Rang doctors tonight they said result is back but they have to get doctor to comment before they can tell me , but she did say don't worry if there was anything the hospital would have been in touch , feeling a little worried , ps ) I am a face painter and I am attending a coffee morning on Sunday to help raise money for Macmillan X

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I would imagine the hospital and the consultant who done the biopsy would be in touch if it was warranted but I can understand you need to hear it from the horses mouth. I would say go ahead and enjoy the coffee morning and the fundraiser. Perhaps your doctor will ring back tomorrow but then again if it was urgent he would also have been in touch with you, It is a worry but mind yourself and take care

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Hope you hear soon and can then relax. All rationale thought tends to go out of the window when we wait doesn't it!? Our mind plays tricks and talks to us ! Hopefully you've heard or will hear today but if nothing then ring again. You need to know so you can relax so don't let too much time go by.

Take care

Clare X

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