Good morning all! Hosta, one of the other ladies on the forum sent this to me and I thought you all might like to see it! Talk about tears over breakfast on Sat morning!

Well done Anne!

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  • Ladies, this is the link to the podcast of Annes part of the show!

  • Hi D just listened to it now fully and it was really a great interview, I have actually been able to share it on facebook. Definitely a Super Trooper, It seems that Anne will have her wishes re driving lesson and flying lesson, With the flying lesson, she will probably go over my house as I live near enough to the Airport. I will be reaching for the sky that day.

  • Thanks for sharing this. Wonderful.

  • Fabulous. xx

  • I agree,a real super trooper! x

  • Thanks for this, tears in this house,on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

    Brave lady


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