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Its back...annoyed

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Hi everyone a dark cloud above me today.. had results of ct scan cancer back got to have chemo again (gemzar/carbol)... as any body had these chemotherapies to give me any advice..... got one lump on left side and one in stomach gland only finished chemo taxol/carbol november 15... bloods gone up to 350... consultant seemed ok but im worried in case it dont work as it seems to me the taxol/carbol didnt mop up very well so im hopeing this gemzar(gemcitabine).. chemo does..hope everyone ok hugs xxx

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Hi Tracex, so sorry to hear this. It's really pants isn't it. I don't have experience with your next regime but I'm sure others can advise. I too started chemo again this week for a recurrence and I'm gutted it just seems quite unfair that there is no respite from bloods, scans and then the dreaded treatment.... My numbers started to rise in Feb and was on watch and wait, it finally presented it self in the lungs with my ca125 at 157. Two weeks later and chemo pending they had jumped to 562 my onc wasn't to worried as she said the chemo is starting ASAP.

Big hug to you xx

Oh no so sorry to hear this. I don't have any experience of this kind of chemo but just wanted to wish you well. Think of it as just a bit more mopping up. U can do it. Stay strong. Sending big hugs.

Mandy, xx

My mum has just finished second line carbo/gem. Her hair thinned a little (which I only noticed when she pointed it out on a daily basis!), but generally she found the regime much more tolerable than carbo/taxol. Best wishes

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Thank you for advice..carbol/taxol was strong as i had higest dose of taxol so anything got to be better hope your mom ok i start chemo nxt week xxx

Hi Tracex i was on this for my first recurrence. I had to eventually swop the carbo for cisplatin as I reacted to the carbo but it did the trick :) . hope you treatment goes well xx

Hi Tracey sorry to read your post I can't give you any advice but just wanted to let you know your not alone I'm in the same boat get my scan results tomorrow my ca125 has risen to 1000 so my chemo is booked 4/8 not sure what to expect tomorrow dreading it! My next regime is same as yours too! I only finished chemo end of Jan I knew it would probably re occur but hoped for a longer remission b 4 I started again!! It's a load of pooh but we're not gonna let it beat us good luck keep me posted n I'll let you know how it is if I start b 4 you xx

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So we start chemo same day mine's on 4th august aint looking forward to it but what can we do my bloods are 350 so in 2mths the've gone from 22 to 180 now 350... im not wanting to lose my hair again so let me no how you get on with your first dose compare notes lol... my last chemo ended nov 15... so like you hoped for longer remission im thinking that taxol maybe dont work for some as they have quicker reaccurance.. hugs to you xxxx thanks for your reply xx we will beat this together...

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Yep we do I will be thinking about you on the 4th whilst they hook me up!! I had my scan review today everything stable but my ca125 is now 1600 I really don't understand CA125's I have no tumours but it really high? anyway onwards and upwards.

I was told you don't lose your hair with this one I hope not, mind you my hair is like an angry teenager its all over the place grey and black curly wavy the lot so still wearing my wig!!

big hugs and good luck keep me posted xx

Sorry to hear this, I don't have any experience with this drug but just wanted to send you best wishes and a big hug. Hope it all goes well.



Pants is a good word to encompass all this ....I could think of another good word...but I'll stick with rubbish. Good luck with your new treatment x

I started on Gemzar/carbol/avastin in April, ( I was cancer free for 12 months) and all was going well, My Ca125 fell from 1000 to 300 then during my 4th session, I had to have chemo stopped as my blood pressure dropped and I became unwell, Then on my 5 session, my oncologist set the time for my carbol infusion for 2 hours as she thought I might tolorate it at a slower rate, but 10 mins in and It had to be stopped as the same thing happened again!!, I am now waiting to see what will happen next, a different drug I expect, but whatever they give you I am sure it will be the right one for you, good luck xx

Sorry to hear that but I had gem/carbon and it wasn't too bad and gave me nearly two good years feeling well and even walking part of the Pennine Way. It didn't take nearly as long to recover from that combination.

I have just completed 2nd line Gem/Carbo after relapse of 7months following Carbo/ Taxol and debulking. I get my final results tomorrow , Scan and Ca125 but after 5th cycle it was down to 53 from 2500 and the tumour on the liver was shrinking well, so it did work for me but for how long who knows!

I found the regime very tough had 4 blood transfusions, platelet transfusion, 5 courses of GCSF and 2 infections plus feeling exhausted and rotten most of the time. I had 2 delays of 1 week and 1 of 2 weeks while my blood levels rose to an acceptable level. On the plus side I didn't lose my hair although it has thinned a bit but nowhere near needing a wig. I was on a reduced dose after the first cycle, 2 at 80% and the last 3 at 65% because of the effects on my blood.

Now it's 3 weeks since I had my last chemo and I must say I feel surprisingly well and cheerful for the moment. My energy levels are returning although I'm still quite breathless going uphill due to the anaemia.

This is a lousy disease, we never know how or when it will come back so I hope I will just attend to enjoying life for as long as I can

Good luck and hope the treatment is successful,


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Thanx for your reply im hopeing the side effects are not to bad to be honest i sailed through carbol/taxol and was on higest dose my last chemo only ended november 15 so wasn'nt expecting it to return so quickly as i had total hysterectomy and lining of stomach removed and then 6 cycles of carbol/taxol my bloods rose to 180 from 22 in june... so sent me for a scan and its showed i have 2 lumps one on left side where my tumor was before debulking last may and one in stomach gland my bloods also went up to 350 so on 4th august i start my gem/carbol i thought at least i'd get good 12mths if it was to show its ugly head again... i work full time and will continue cause it stops me thinking and im bein normal if thats right.. we are all so brave on here going through this trauma... hope your doing ok sending you hugs xxxx

HI Tracex, sorry you got a replapse so fast but sometimes it goes like that. I

Apologies, my reply went before I finised. I had that combo a few years ago and found it tolerable. Your hair wont fall out but it may thin towards the end of treatment. I didnt work during my chemo regimes as I would be in constant contact with the public. You are great to manage that. You get Gem on day and again on day 8. It does contain alcohol so they tell us here not to drive for twenty four hours. The usual anti nausea drugs apply, I think Emend was the best for me at that time or Maxalon. I wish you the best and hope this works better for you

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Thank you i hope it works also and if there's a bonus i wont lose my hair i can cope... work are good very supportive even had a bouquet flowers today after they heard my cancer had returned tried not to get upset as i think if i start crying i wont stop so trying to hold it in and just carry on as normal xxx

Tracex, I'm currently on the regime. This one is harder on me than carbo/taxol. My hair has thinned a bit. The hardest for me is constant fatigue. I can't work out anymore, can't even go for walks without getting winded. It has brought down CA 125, but after 5 cycles still not in normal range. I'm not sure if Aug 4th will be my last round or not. I'm only working 6 hrs a day due to the fatigue.


Dear Tracex

I am sorry to here your news, I can't answer your question as i had line 1 of mop up yesterday.

I am sure the other wonderful ladies will be able to answer your questions, you are in my thoughts.

Ellsey xx

Hi Tracex,

Sorry to hear about your reoccurance, pants is the best word I can use to describe it. My mum is going through the same and yesterday was told she is having gem/carbons combination so I really hope it does the trick for you both. It's all pretty unsettling isn't it but stay positive and Sending big hugs for tomorrow xx

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Tracex in reply to Jodi_t

Great your there for your mum.. love and hugs to you both xx

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