I am so annoyed at myself. I have all the classic OC symptoms but they could all easily be something else. It's the more recent bloating which made me go to the GP. Awaiting my urgent oncology appointment. I am a 42 year old mum of 2 boys (10 and 7) and think I won't be sleeping much.

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  • Oh dear, know how you must be feeling! It's the waiting and not knowing that's often the worst part.

    Try not to look at the worst scenario, it may not be OC!! Are you having a scan? Have you had your CA 125 blood test?

    Much support on this forum, if you need it , do let us know how you get on.

    Jackie O xx

  • I have had two benign tumours in my thigh and had lots of genetic tests and appear predisposed to tumours. Mums had BC twice. Just never put all the symptoms together. Still could be diff issues ie I am exhausted all the time but have B12 injection. I am hoping for fibroids

  • Hi, the waiting is the absolute pits! whilst you are waiting though try and stay away from the internet, don't google statistics, symptoms etc, trust me you'll find you have symptoms for every disease going and the statistics will mess with your head. hopefully your appointment will come through quickly, in the meantime go enjoy those two little boys, enjoy the sunshine ( if there is any) and try not to worry about things you cant change (easier said than done!). You can deal with what comes along once you know whats what. Goodness, sounds like Im preaching but Im speaking from experience. hopefully everything will turn out ok for you but if you need us we'll all be here to try and answer your questions and give any support we can. Go hug those boys xx I wish you well, Kathy xx

  • The waiting is the worse time for all of us, I hope your appointment comes through very quickly and you get good news.


  • Yes the waiting is awful so try to have some fun and distract yourself. The news may be better than you anticipate. I hope so, but if not, I'm here 5+ years after a diagnosis of ovca stage 3/4. The treatment can be tough but it's getting more effective all the time.

  • Thanks all. I know I'll be seen within 2 weeks but not sure what the process is. I imagine scan first.

  • Hi, not sure if we are all the same but I had an MRI scan which was quickly followed by a meeting with an oncologist. Having said that hopefully your symptoms may not be what you are thinking they are. Kathy xx

  • Don't blame yourself...symptoms are notoriously vague and the good thing is that you did go to the Doc and they did take you seriously! Well done and fingers crossed it isn't xx

  • Appt through today- 13/6. Ultrasound, hysteroscopy and biopsy. Then consultant.

  • I just wanted to say hi. I hope you get your appointment soon. As has already been said, stay away from google. Try to do something nice with your Children if you can as that will help take your mind off things. Take care. Ann xo

  • Thank you. This is a fantastic group. Appt through 13/6. I am the least patient patient ever. I am sure it'll be ok but coming from a cancer family I know that doesn't always go to plan. My mum had bc twice by 42. I hope my boys don't have to live with that worry. You've all been great. It's impossible not to worry. Or google. Now just have to wait. X

  • Yes, it is impossible not to worry. Waiting is probably one of the worzxt parts of this disease, you always seem to be waiting for something but worryi ng is not good for you so try to occupy yourself with other things. Ann xo

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