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Day 3

Thank you for your kind comments I do love my new hair, I have quite quickly got used to being bald around the house and feel quite comfortable.

I am day 3 today after second line and feeling a bit fatiqued, but I think I have tried to overdo things as my family came down south to see me from Liverpool and wanted to try and look after them, it has been a lovely weekend but very tiring.

But as we all say onwards and upwards.


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Make sure you rest now. Glad you had a good weekend, always nice to see family xx


Sounds a lovely weekend, put your feet up now and have a restful evening now x


Ellsey, how excellent and so wise now to rest and put yourself first while you can. My GP's advice of 'Your job is to grow healthy cells' never leaves, fun, keep physically stretched (as fit as I can) and REST are the ingredients, with the last one, for me, being the hardest! I do keep practicing and am getting better...especially now I've learned to 'save' nice things to do whilst my feet are up for a couple of hours on every day I can, e.g. new hobbies, reading things often on my laptop or in a hobby book to help my creativity, thinking through gently and realistically visits, 'me-times', garden & food ideas etc. etc. and deciding what activities, habits etc. I want to 'leave behind' as new ideas emerge.

Take care whilst enjoying life. Lesley


Yes, we do try to over do things sometimes, as if we have a point to prove. Now that your family have gone back home, take plenty of rest. Don't overdo things. Ann xo


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