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Knowing who is who

Just to clarify, my wife's ovacome forum name is Luk4ward. I joined the Carers UK forum as I am her husband and my forum name is dibill. I am confused as to why dibill has come up on the ovacome site when originally it was Luk4ward. Apart from the fact that both sites seem to be managed by HealthUnlocked I cannot explain the mix up. As Luk4ward's husband I will chat under dibill so you amazing ladies will know if it is my wife whom is chatting or me.

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Having sent you a message this morning, I now realise I responded to maybe an older post. Have to admit to being a bit confused but whatever the situation, I send my love and best wishes to both Diana and you. You're obviously going through a sad time and I will be thinking about you both.

Love and hugs, Solange.xxxx


Thank you, I will have to review that post, but I just tried to explain that I am on a couple of different forums through HealthUnlocked so I chat through a couple of usernames so I wanted people to know I was using my wife's user name on one and my own on another. If you see a post by Luk4ward or dibill it is me, Diana's husband on line because my wife sadly does not bother coming on the forums now. Thanks for your kind wishes.


Thanks for the explanation. It makes perfect sense. Please pass on my sympathy and best wishes to Diana. I'm sorry for how things are - for you both

Love, Solange


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