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Has anyone out there had a colonoscopy with a stoma?I have a colostomy because of OC and a sudden change in bowels so have been referred back to bowel surgeon who wants to do a colonoscopy urgently and I have been given the dreaded bowel prep to empty me out so I am spending Thursday in the bathroom!Recently I have had a lot of skin problems under my bag which are getting me down and leaks which are making me less confident about going out.What should I expect after the colonoscopy? Viv

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I am sorry I had that test but without a bag. It isnt that bad really, you dont feel a lot, they sedate you a little and its over before you know it. Hopefully the stoma nurse should be able to help you manage the stoma better and you should be able to get creams which will soothe the area around it. Wishing you luck on Friday


Oh Tutti so sorry to hear you are doing the Kleenprep trot...it is so undignified but as long as you prepare well...take supplies into the bathroom and try to maintain a sense of humour you should be fine. Hope your procedure goes well! Xx Lyndall


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