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Free fluid

Hello you amazing ppl have not posted for a while, I have been cancer free for over 14 months I was diagnosed stage 3c 3 years ago next week. I gave Been a little not well recently and I have had a pet scan last week they have told me there is some free fluid near my bowel but my ca125 are ok and they have said do not worry it could be nothing. Confused is that 's me coming out of remission many thanks in advance

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I think these pet scans are so detailed they come up with all sorts of things we dont know we have. My future daughter in laws Father had prostate cancer two years ago. . He was complaining of back and neck pain and loss of mobility recently. So he had a pet scan which showed no Cancer but wear and tear and osteopeonia and a trapped nerve which is causing him the pain. Now he is going around saying he has several things wrong and is ready to give up before he sees pain management. Your 125 is okay, perhaps they might do a biopsy to see what the fluid is about then again they may not. I hope your doctor is one who is kind and will put your mind at rest.


Hi Alexandra - I don't really understand these things - but I just wanted to wish you all the best xxx


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