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I posted a while back about my aunt who had lung cancer and how they had stopped treatment she had managed persuade them to try more but they had to stop as her liver and kidneys couldn't cope

I went home to my home town last week to visit she was really poorly given her few weeks she dident want me to visit her as she dident want me see her so poorly

She is deteriating fast they have to take a day at a time

Three years she's fought this bloody cancer tooth and nail

She is such a strong courageous lovely woman my inspiration my rock and I really don't know how I am going to cope when she loses the battle

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So sorry your Aunt is poorly at the moment. It must be very hard for you as she was your rock. You will cope because you have some of her courage. Stay strong and sending you a big hug,


Hi Babs,so sorry to hear your news.It is difficult and heart wrenching to see a person you love and admire deteriorate.((((hugs))))


Dear Babs

I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling so sad. It is hard to support others going through their journey. I had a friend who didn't want to be visited at the end because she didn't want people to see her looking so poorly. It's what was best for her and I'm sure your aunt, like my friend, will have been happy that you are thinking of her.

I don't like to think of life as a battle to be lost. Death is surely a moment to look back and think of everything we've achieved and hopefully to feel a sense of contentment to have had such wonderful opportunities.

Stay strong for your aunt. xxx love Annie


I'm so sorry your aunt is so unwell and nearing the end. I'm certain she would want you to remain strong and continue fighting, just like she did. You need to be kind to yourself, allow yourself to grieve. Its very difficult I know, I cried sorely when my chemo buddy lost her battle, it was so close to home. I managed to pick myself up again and you will too, I'm sure your aunt will be there in your mind but remember all the positive things she would have said to you. Thinking of you. Ann xo


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