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Low blood pressure 2 days post chemo?

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Hello everyone

Had my 4th cycle of Carbotaxol on Thursday. This was after an 8 week break as I had radical surgery 5 weeks ago. The 3 cycles before didn't impact on me too much, but since Saturday my BP has been very low but apart from joint pains, no other symptoms or temperature . Oncologist and nurses have advised rest and increased fluids which I'm doing. Anyone else had this and if so how quickly did the BP return to normal? Any other tips, as I'm getting frustrated lying around with my feet raised! Love to all.


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Hi there, I also have low BP and what the nurses advised me to do was to eat salty foods (which will increase your thirst too) I ate Marmite and bread.I know if your BP is too low they delay the chemo.Im in South Africa so don't know if the same rules apply to you.Good luck with your treatment love Lynn x

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Thank you. I'm hoping it will go up before my next cycle. I'll ask about the extra salt. X

I had low bp post surgery and they reduced my meds. Told me to exercise lol sounds easy and now it's gone the other way so back to GP next week for review

LA xx

Thanks for replying. I don't think we are in control of how our body's behave anymore! I've been so well up to now so this is hopefully just a minor setback. Hope your GP review is ok. X

Hello - I only had really low BP immediately post-surgery when I stood up, and had to have a transfusion before the physios had me up and walking. That sounds alarmist - I don't mean to be - but maybe it needs looking into if your BP is very low.

Hi Gilly

No idea if my experience will help - but I thought it worth mentioning. I had low BP following my 4th session of carbo-taxol - which was picked up by my GP. (I'd reported my symptoms of feeling very faint virtually all of the time, diarrhoea, etc, to the Chemo Line who told me I needed to be reviewed by a doctor.) I asked my GP why I had low BP despite drinking a lot of clear fluids - she checked my urine & said it was fine. I gave her my blood test results prior to the 4th chemo & she said my haemoglobin was below the normal level & so that probably accounts for it. I rarely eat meat - so I've been eating red meat - as much as my "chemo'd" digestion can cope with, & increasing my egg intake - I already eat loads of leafy greens - to get my haemoglobin up. I'm no longer feeling faint & am generally feeling much better - with other symptoms having gone too - it took a few days.

Hope your situation improves quickly


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Hi Geace

Sorry to hear you had the same but glad you are feeling better.

Thank you for replying. I am feeling a bit better today and BP is on the way up so hopefully it was a few days' blip. And yes I also had a really upset tummy. Only 2 more to go, so trying to stay focused and positive for enjoying time in recovery/remission in the sun and praying that the 5th and 6th cycle don't come with the same symptoms!

Best wishes


Good to hear you're feeling a bit better - sounds like you're on the mend & things are moving in the right direction. Best of luck with the next 2 cycles - & most importantly with enjoying the sun & recovery/remission!!!


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