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Scalp Tip!!

Hello All!

Just wanted to pass on a small tip for other members of the Kojak club😁😁😁😁. On the basis of recommendation and online reviews I got some MooGoo scalp cream as the skin on my head was getting dry! Have been using it now for a couple of weeks and it's great! Skin is lovely and soft!

I actually have hair growth which I don't attribute to the MooGoo just the way it is I think but there is random and sparse I might add, half inch/inch grey growth on the top of my head, looks funny!!!! 5th Chemo next Weds so nearly there!!!!!

Onwards and Upwards lovely ladies!!!!


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Really! I must get some my scalp is so sore as shaved a week ago and my wig I believe aggravates it... I hate being bald it's a physical reminder that I have cancer and am very ill. Big hugs x

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Thanks D

I've just ordered some and a cheeky couple of extra things as well. Looking forward to getting it.


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I use baby shampoo on my bald head. Nice and gentle. The other day I forgot I was bald and put on a shower cap ... 😆🤔💤😳


I didn't mind being bald. It reminded me I am who I am and I felt empowered to say I have cancer and it doesn't stop me having an exciting and fulfilling life. It was also a handy business card as I do a lot of lobbying for fair access to cancer treatments so it was a great networking opportunity at conferences. Nobody dares argue with a bald delegate at a cancer patients' delegation! lol.

Perhaps it was not wearing a wig meant I didn't get a dry scalp. I actually had to get someone to cut my hair on chemo because it was growing long and fluffy at the nape of my neck and looked rather strange.

Five out of six treatments next Wednesday D. Whoo hoo! Your hair is on the way again and it will feel amazing as it grows. Mine has grown back really thick, soft and curly, and I also like the new colour. Especially on top of my head. I love going to the hairdresser these days! Yay

To all my fellow Kojak warriors, stay brave and proud. You look wonderful as you are.

xx Annie


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