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Stage 2a Low Grade - one year on

Hiya. I just popped on to say it is one year ago today that I had my operation and I am doing well, incase anyone with similar diagnosis is ever needing that wee bit of reassurance from someone in the same boat. Since chemo ended, scan and appointment with gyn.onc (including recent 3 month check up), I have not had any problems apart from some niggles like occasional back ache, twinges where ovaries used to live and heart pounding but worries were reassured by those in the know and it has been put down to either starting my running too soon/skeletal changes after op, menopause symptoms and scarring. Referred to physio who has sorted me out - as well as telling me I have flat feet, knock knees and bunions. No wonder I'm single! Anyway, I promised that I would check in on the first anniversary and I always try to keep my promises. I won't promise I will check in again as I am trying to move on now but remember it does not mean I am no longer here on this lovely planet. I may be on a tropical island somewhere with no internet access, having my flat feet and bunions massaged by George Clooney. x

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ah that is super news and wouldn't George Clooney be a lucky man if he met you..

Wishing you the best of luck with your future and your health. Enjoy that tropical island, sounds lovely. kaz


Nice to hear you are doing well, I love the sense of humour, Do drop in some time when you have a moment sans George Clooney. However if he is with you all the time and you have no internet access, it might be impossible but we do understand. We would be the same in your flip flops.


So happy for you ☺️ I'm also low grade stage 3 I have one more chemo to go and I willbe done . My Ca-125 is 13 But of course I'm very worried about how well I will be .. I have 24 months old son and I'm 38 . I really hope that I get good results from chemo .. I wish you the best


I hope your last chemo goes well and I wish you a full recovery back to good health. X

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