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OC symptoms?


I'm looking for a little advice on how to move forward with my symtoms?

I am 26 and three months ago, completely out of the blue my periods started to become irregular, 5/6/7 weeks apart and in the third month I completely skipped one. Since the skipping the period I have had chronic lower back pain to the point I felt the need to take time off work, ive developed heartburn for the first time in my life and I feel twinges and sharp pains across both my ovaries almost everyday.

In the past three months I have had 2x Transvaginal Ultrasounds which both came back fine, but showing that I had PCOS. The PCOS are quite well developed which I should have had for some time, this doesn't explain to me where this surge of symtoms has came from.

I'm asking for a CA125 blood test next week As from what I have read that is the next procedure I should request.

The bigger problem I'm feeling is that I am

Absolutely terrified :-( I can't sleep, I am so distracted and can't think about anything else. I feel like something is being missed? Is this possible after 2 ultrasound results?

I feel like I'm making myself ill with worry.

Thank you, K x

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Sorry to hear you are having such a worrying time. Have you told your GP what you are worried this could be?

Ovacome have a list of common symptoms and a tracker you could use to keep a note of your symptoms- take a look if you haven't already.

Take care


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Are you being seen by a gynaecologist. if not please ask your GP to refer you .

They will be able to advise on tests, treatments or surgery. See the experts rather

than worrying. Good Luck


Hello Kate,

If you follow Carol's advice and go on the Ovacome website for factsheets, you could also ring their Helpline which is staffed by qualified nurses with experience of ovarian cancer.

I think you are very wise to respect your anxiety so I can only support the advice given by Carol and cvbn as well.

Warm wishes,


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