This is my leaving post to this forum.

Please remember if you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got. Just because you have a genetic pre-disposition doesn't mean there is nothing you can do for instance.

Excess carbohydrate consumption is a risk for cancer as this head of a prestigious cancer research hospital verifies

and this doctor explains our heritage

All the best!

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  • I was wondering why you're leaving? X

  • I suspect if you look at this gentleman's many posts on the question of diet, he has realised he is the wrong place.

    Given the complexity of ovarian cancers, it is not necessarily terribly helpful to be telling us things which may well in a general sense be beneficial, but which imply we could all act in a way to prevent it coming back.

    If only!

  • Many thanks for all the information over the years you have been here. I see by your status that you don't mention that you actually have Ovarian Cancer (although I might have missed something). From your posts and your name it looks like you were posting sensible and informative advice. So many, many thanks for that. Unfortunately sometimes having a genetic predisposition means exactly that. BRCA positive for me and hey presto Ovarian Cancer. I think you can do everything in your power to prevent things from happening but sometimes they just do. I personally don't see that as failure, just fate. I think makes life easier for people going through this terrible journey if they don't blame themselves for something they think they could have done to prevent it. Anyway, I digress, you are correct as Henry Ford (I think ) said: if you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got. He was right.

    Once again thanks for all the info. You will be missed.

    Best wishes,



  • Thank you for all your help concerned. I really appreciate it! Take care, All the best!!

  • I'm sorry you're leaving the forum. I hope it's not because anyone might have a different perspective. Ideas shared respectfully are always helpful and thought-provoking - even if after careful thought one decides to discard the new idea and wants to share their reasoning on the forum.

    Perhaps you're leaving because it's time for a change. Good luck with whatever path you follow.

    On BRCA I've just discovered from my hospital notes that I have a a BRCA-like Signature. That means my biomarkers have similar mutations to women with BRCA 1 or 2 but I did not test positive for these genetic flaws. It's also described as 'BRCA1 and BRCA2 Wild-type'.

    I've always thought I was a bit of a wild type but I didn't need a genetic test to tell me that - lol

    Good luck and farewell Concerned xx Annie

  • Me too! I'd been mulling you and the PARP inhibitors over and now you've given me the answer. xx

  • You awake early too? I think answers always create even more questions. Don't you. x

  • Yes, I was....

    I think that's probably encoded in my DNA too... I can see us comparing our medical notes/DNA sequences if this continues.....

    So far you're the only woman I've come across described in the same way as me (BRCA like), but perhaps as they understand ( we hope) more, more of our friends on here may join our currently exclusive club.

    Have a good day. It's a lovely morning in London. xxx

  • It is indeed. Shame I'll be stuck indoors in the chemo ward. Should I pull a sickie? lol

  • I do not think you have to be a doctor to have a decent understanding of the links between nutrition and health . You clearly have done a lot of research and know alot about this . However the converse is not true. It is unfair and incorrect to tell people that they have control over their genetic mutations by their diet! If it were that easy it would be widely established in the medical world by now . As a medical professional I can appreciate that cancer is an incredibly complex disease and while environmental factors clearly can have a role in some cancers there is no proof whatsoever that changing your diet can over rule a genetic predisposition . I think your post was unfair to the women on the ovacome site . I think if you or someone in your family had a genetic cancer you would have a greater understanding of this disease . I think your posts would be more suited to cardiovascular/nutrition forums as you have a lot of helpful information in these areas to share. Wishing you good health in your future.

  • I agree with Susan3.I do not understand what you are trying to say.However good luck for the future .

  • O dear,sad to think that the saying you only get what give applies to any of us fighting for our lives,had I known I still wouldn't have changed a thing I have had a very good life a few ups and downs but overall good until 3 year's ago,and it's not been that bad since even with this rotten disease.and with God,my family and friends,the doctor's and all you wonderful strong and careing lovely ladies on this site long may ours lives continue to go on.God bless you all and a fond farewell to (concerned),anyway love you all yvonne xxx

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