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Hi I had hysterectory in September last year for years and years of heavy periods but kept my ovaries , I then started to get pain in my bladder when passing urine , went to doctors who sent me for ultra sound , found I had cysts on my ovaries and thought I had ovarian cancer . Cut long story short had my ovaries taken out , thank god they were benign cysts and had endometriosis in them . It's been four weeks since my op been back to doctors cos I'm still getting pain in my bladder and when my bladder or bowel are full it's really bad . Please can anyone help , or have the same , doctors done wee test all fine now going to refer me to some one about bladder . Feel like I always got something wrong with me .

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Because of how close the organs that you had removed lie to the bladder, urethra and bowel, accidental damage can very rarely occur, a check is good in case this happened and it is generally easy to correct.

These symptoms can also occur because the bladder and/or bowel can fall into the space left by the removal of the other organs. This is known as a prolapse and once again is fairly easy to correct.

If none of this is the reason it will help find out why this is happening and how to correct it.

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Thank you very much , hope it is something like that , got an appointment to see gp on Monday so she going to refer me . Thank you again .


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