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Diagnosed with OC Stage 3c in 2013 and now its back on Bladder...Need all your prayers


My sister was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in July 2013 which had her ovaries swollen. Hence, she had 6 cycles of chemo (taxol) and then Hysterectomy in Feb 2014 which had a part of her colon removed and hence had to wear a colostopy bag for a month or little more and had her operation to remove colostopy bag by April 2014.

She got traumatized with chemos and surgeries that she decided to go with alternative treatments such as Homeopathy and Ayurveda. But now in March 2015, we discovered that cancer has relapsed on her urinary bladder with a large mass measuring 15 cm and deposits on her liver too. She has finally relented to go back to hospital, but the oncologists here now are suggesting that they cannot do anything more for her.

They said since her cancer cells are calcifying , she doesn't need chemo or radiation. Could anyone from here help clarify this please? I am not sure if they would do a surgery to remove her mass too. She has now developed problems with her kidneys too as this mass is obstructing urethra.

Really need your support and advise ....please anyone, did you face this situation? I am devastated to know that we cannot do anything to help her come out of this .....

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So sorry to hear your sister is so ill, maybe you could get a second opinion and perhaps possible treatment sending you kind thoughts and prayers


Sorry to hear that your sister is ill. Ask to be referred for 2nd opinion. Ann

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I know ann, trying to get someone else to look at her reports. But otherwise, doctors are giving us little hope. :(


Hi techsavygirl,

So sorry your sister is having such a hard time. I havent had these experiences but feel your emotional pain. I would say get whatever medical help you can, but also to try Reiki healing. This may not change the growths but will help with pain and emotional trauma. It is a very powerful healing method, but there are no guarantees of cure. Also you might like to try a healing meditation CD. These things do help but you need to relax and listen and try to follow the suggestions.

I hope these things help and your sister can get the treatment she needs.

Wishing her and you well

Aemi xx


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