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Happy New Year

Thank you for all your replies. Had total hysterectomy back on 14th October 2014. No sign of cancer. So they do not want to see anymore. That was the best Birthday and Christmas present that I could ever have. So all I have to do is get over the operation. I have been on sick pay since August when first diagnosed, which will run out next month. I am a Care Worker. As I said previously my private pension has now kicked in. It is only £400 a month just about cover the utilties. I am not able to get state pension for another 6 years. Until I am able to return to work. Is there any benfits i would be entitled to? I keep being told because it was such a massive operation, it could be anything from 6 months to a year before I fully recover. I want to return to work but do not want to undo anything.

Love to you all


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Hiya you may be able to esa f your employer isnt paying you. Contact the DWP xxx


Employment support allowance. It's not much but something. You can claim on contributions made or means tested. I opted for contributions made. Good luck and so pleased you do not have this dreaded disease. Happy New Year. Ann xo


What fantastic news! Make sure you make a good recovery. I was told six weeks total rest, then gradually build up. Hopefully the warm spring and summer weather will help with that. Sounds like good advice and it's worth calling in at the benefits agency to see how they can help until you feel well enough to enjoy working again. xxx love Annie


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