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Is it normal to have strange pains and aches after so long? Should I be worried?

I had my last of two operations January 2013 so I have been cut up the middle twice, I had my uterus cut away from my rectum and before that the cancer removed from my bladder and sigmoid colon so I imagine I have a few adhesions. It hurts when I turn my body sometimes and after I've emptied my bladder. My CA125 has gone up and is no longer in the normal range. CT scan in early January didn't show anything though.

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I have had extensive surgeries to my abdomen over the last five years and occasionally get random aches and pains. I assume it is caused by scar tissue and adhesions. At my last surgery in September 2013 I had a lot of scar tissue from previous surgeries removed along with the tumours. I have never felt any symptoms when the actual cancer has returned each time (I only knew this from an increased CA125 and then a CT scan). However if your CA 125 is rising and you are worried I would go back to your oncologist for advice.

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