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Hi. My sister has just had hysterectomy to remove two large cancerous tumours on her ovaries. Surgery showed cancer has spread to outside of large bowel, and is 'widespread' in small bowel. They didn't do any surgery on this. They have now said she should have chemotherapy to try to treat the rest. She has lost confidence in her doctors and feels they have simply applied a general treatment to what is a particular situation.She wants to have hyperthermia, and is looking into clinics in Germany which cost a fortune. Any thoughts on this for ovarian cancer treatment?Thanks for any help anyone can give

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You could give the Ovacome helpline a ring and ask their advice tel 0845 371 0554

Best wishes love x G x

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Oh, crikey. All I know is that it costs a fortune - some people say it worked for them, some say it didn't. I suggest you follow Gwyn's advice. Gwyn is almost always right. Vxxx


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