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Has anyone been in a similar situation?

I had my ovary removed in November 2010, it was deemed to also be cancerous. After this I was supposed to attend 3 monthly oncology check ups... due to my consultant moving hospitals I was forgotten and not transferred. In October 2011 I had my first appointment which was just a run through of how i've been. Also sent for blood tests and a scan to check everything is fine.

In December 2011 I went in to get the results, the consultant told me there is a blockage in my left Fallopian tube. He said it could be left over from the operation (which was over a year ago and a scan I had had via my doctors surgery showed no blockages...) or it could be more serious and may need operating on. I am scheduled for a Scan on the 13th of this month and will get the results on the 14th. It's frustrating though as I don't go to uni as much as I should, I feel like there isn't much point as I'll probably have to take time off and have another operation. If it is tubal cancer I will be very angry, had I not been messed around and provided with the oncology clinics sooner this may have been avoided.

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It sounds as if you have every right to be angry. I don't know what making an official complaint would do, apart from maybe making you feel a little better. See if you can be referred to a specialist nurse at the hospital, she (or he) may be able to give you more info. At least they could tell you about the complaints procedure. However, that won't change things for you. Is there anyone you have who you can talk to about your frustration, or could you ask to be referred to a counsellor? Try to keep going to uni, if only to help the time pass more quickly until your scan. It's hell, the waiting, isn't it? Keep the dialogue going on here too helps to have women around in your cyber-circle who have been through some similar frustrations and fears

Love Wendy xx


Hi I am also waiting on tests and feel very let down by the medical system. I think finding out about the complaints procedure will help as you will be able to focus your anger in the right direction. Like Wendy I feel that going to Uni will help time pass. I had been on sick leave from work for 5 weeks. My doctor agreed to me having a phased return to work this week whilst waiting for tests and it has helped. I work in social services and wondered how I would deal with speaking to emotional clients but my colleagues have been great. It is good to hear other people's news and gossip. Best tale of the week when a colleague who was working extra hours to cover my role last week sprayed mr sheen on her hair instead of loreal, did I feel guilty? NOPE

Fingers and everything else crossed for good news

Zoe xxx


Hi there, Sorry to read of this cock-up. I have to say that I was in a similar position and will give you small insight. I attended A&E on a Sat pm with post menopausal vaginal bleeding only to be told I had a bursting polyp on my cervix and a 'mass' on my R ovary. They would refer me to Gynae and I would get a call on Mon to attend on the Tues. On Mon late afternoon I called hospital only to be told I had not been referred as planned - I immediately called PALS (most hospitals have them) and immediately the balls were set in motion by those fab volunteers. I was given scans, blood tests etc and then all the results were there when I saw gynae the following week. Turns out I had to be referred to a major London hospital with gynae onc for TAH but I am fully recovered and thank god I called PALS that awful day.

I would urge you to complain about this cock-up as your health is at risk ( I am not saying you need any treatment, only implying that it is your body and you have a right to treatment). The hospital concerned must look into all complaints and in no way will you complaining affect your treatment. While ii agree with Wendy that complaining will not change things for you, it may make you feel less frustrated about your current situation. I also urge you to take all the help from specialist nurses - they are fabulous!

I would also urge you to share your worries with those around you - including friends at Uni. I know its not easy to 'carry on' when you have this worry but do try to stay positive. You will have a future and may need your Uni qualification so pls attend - if only to get out amongst others.

DO keep us updated,

Hugs to you,



Thank you for your answers, and your kind words.

I have had a pretty big piece of coursework due in this week, worth 25% of one of my modules so it has been a good distraction... Now I just have to wait until Monday for the scan and Tuesday for the results.

Most importantly I would like some answers from the hospital regarding the ovary issue and also why I am in so much pain before and during my period. I never used to get period pains at all until recently this year, it feels like a horrible stabbing pain, always on the right side. It stops me walking/talking ect for a little while until it passes, pain killers numb the pain to a manageable point. Perhaps the pain is connected to the blockage?

This is a difficult subject to talk about with my Uni friends, I don't have many. I was originally on a fast track course last year, but due to my operations I had to re-sit some of my first year during the summer (which is when you are meant to sit your second year on the fast track course), I did pass it though and am doing quite well this year. My tutor and I felt it was best I transfer to the 4 year course (there is a year of work placement I am due to take next year, I hope to stay in the part of the country I am in so that the hospital doesn't become messed up again!) Due to the transfer I don't know many people on my course, and I am 21 - they are 19 it isn't the easiest subject to talk about.

I have learnt drinking is not the solution, as I just end up crying at my partner or mother on the phone telling them I am scared... which can't be useful for them.

I would like the stress of waiting over so that I can focus on Uni. I have been doing well up until now - I am on a solid 2:1 very close to a first, with the exception of an in class test where I got 45%... and that was worth 50% of my module grade. I do not want this to be repeated in my exams!

Sorry for the ramble, but sometimes it's easier to say this to strangers who know what you're going through rather than friends who do not.



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