Can benign cystadenoma's come back in six weeks?

Hi again,

Had a large mucinous tumour of intestinal type in March 2010. Low grade. Nov 2011 had cystadenoma removed, believed benign. Urine retention came to light and have been self catheterising since surgery. Bloating much improved and feel really alive for 1st time in ages. Have a period that is over a week late occasional stabbing pains in ovary with nausea. Should I be worried?

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  • Hi there

    Sorry to hear that you are still having problems, despite feeling well otherwise.

    My understanding is that if you still have ovaries and/or a uterus , in theory borderline or benign tumours / cysts can recurr. This is why women are advised , I think, to consider a TAH/BSO once they have had children or are beyond that age. However recurring at six weeks would seem to be very very soon.

    The only way you can tell is by having an examination and an ultrasound.Get onto your GP or your gynae consultant ASAP for peace of mind.

    I do hope you get sorted out very soon.

    Take care

    Charlie xxx

  • Hi Charlie

    Had a scan which revealed 3 3cm cysts on remaining ovary. I am in my early 30's and desperate for children and want to keep my ovary!

    I have not spoken to anyone other than the person doing the ultrasound and she implies that there could be a solid area to it which made me feel quite sick. I am trying to resist the urge to urogynae team as I am sure they would be in contact me if something was wrong! Am I doing the right thing? X

  • Hi, you had the same orginal tumor as me. Mine was classed as 1C as it ruptured, it was removed in April 2010 and I went onto have a total hysterectomy in June 2010 aged 32. How old are you? Are they preserving your fertility as you want to have children?

    Unfortunately for me my cancer reoccured in July 2011. I had more debulking surgery and this time it was invasive rather than borderline. I just finished a course of chemo.

    Hope you manage to see someone to reassure you.

  • Hi Scottishplay

    Yes, generally people do get in touch if there is something that requires intervention, but you can't be certain of this. If you have had a scan and still not had the results I would chase it up, or ask your GP if he/she has had the results.

    Poor thing, so young going through this.I hope you are being followed up.It's good that you feel well in youreslf though.

    I was like you at the beginning, didn't want to bother anybody or make a fuss, but I found that we need to be our own advocates.

    Take care

    Charlie xxx

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