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Its Back

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I saw my Oncologist yesterday, the beast is back, tumour larger than before, so I am commencing Gem/carbo within the next 1-2 weeks, and having Avastin as well, it feels quite scary at the moment -trying to come to terms with this,he seemed to think eight month remission was reasonable, and qualifies me for Avastin. Surgery is not an option at the moment, but will be scanned and reviewed after three chemo's. He also talked about Avastin as maintainence, butI was all over the place and will have to talk to someone about this when I have pre -chemo assessment on Monday-I am so grateful that I can get comfort and advice from here.


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Sorry to hear this. Fingers crossed that the treatment will be effective and that you have a long second remission.

Thinking of you

Love Mary xx

Hi Mo,

Sorry to hear your news and wishing you success with your new treatment love x G x

Hi Mo

Sorry to hear your news.

Take care

Anne x

Hello Mo

I am so sorry to hear your news. This is what everyone dreads but it sounds like you had a good remission and Avastin has worked it magic for a lot of ladies and I hope it will do the same for you too so you have a really really long remission next time.

All the best


Hi Mo

Will be sending you posivibes for your treatment. Thinking of you (((xxx))) try to find some time for a few treats and a bit of relaxation while you mull things over. If you want to talk with someone with experience of these things on Monday, try to ring Ruth, the Ovacome helpline nurse, on 0845 371 0554

All the best

Love Wendy xx

Sending you positive thoughts. Must be very hard for you, but you have a plan in place to focus on and excellent that you will be getting Avastin as well.

I'm just starting Avastin maintenance after first line chemo, don't know much yet, but feel free to message me if you want to.

Lynne xx

It's horrible to find that it's back - I had exactly the same length remission as yours and know how overwhelmed I felt when I learned I had to go through it all again.

You'll feel better once the treatment gets under way again.

Monique x

Dear Mo

I'm sending a little cheer-up message to you as this latest news has knocked you for six. I'm also looking at more treatment at the end of my first remission. I've also talked to my oncologist about radical surgery which is part of a trial called Desktop. It's not available everywhere yet so if you are discussing surgery please do ask what is available across the UK rather than in your own area. I was quite surprised when I broached this subject that my oncologist couldn't tell me more or advise whether I'd be a suitable candidate.

I really do hope you can obtain Avastin as this is associated with an additional 6 months average remission. I met a women recently who responds really well to Avastin. She's now on her third line of treatment and has obtained Avastin privately. She looks a picture of health and says she feels better than at any time in the previous number of years. The only thing I would say is that the Desktop trial excludes women who've had Avastin. You could look at this in a positive perspective in that if the application for Avastin isn't successful you at least have another option. Another thing to discuss with the professionals at your next visit. My opinions are just that of an interested amateur so you'd need to check them out for yourself.

Do please PM me if you wish. It might be helpful to compare notes and support one another.

Hope you're OK this wet and wild weekend.

Love Annie xxx

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Kaskin in reply to Whippit


Thank you for all your comments, I now have a clearer picture of the questions I need to ask, and can write a list for when I see my oncologist, it's god to know there are always options,


Hi Mo

I am on Second Line Treatment of Gem, Avastin and Carbo. After 3 treatments my CA125 has dropped from 524 to 134. I've had very little side effects (nausea only) and am feeling really well. Best of luck with the treatments.



So sorry to hear of this. Thoughts are with you and hope your next remission is much longer.

Sending you good thoughts as you move onto this new phase. It is nice to know so many folks are here to offer support. You are not alone.

Sending lots of love.

Eileen xxx

Hi mo

Good luck with your treatment. I am nearing the end of my second line treatment of gem and carbo. Unfortunately could not get avistan as in Wales. My ca135 has come down 160 to 94 after four treatment. I would definitely speak to Ruth as she will deviant rely be able to advice.



Hope all goes well tomorrow, that you get the help you need and the answers you seek. Cx

Hope things went well for you yesterday x

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