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rising CA125

I ve not been on this site for a long time as been busy with life which is a good thing lol but it goes to show how important this site is when we have concerns. Looking for some advice not been feeling great periodic upper abdominal pain and indigestion like pain also feeling tired .Went to GP who took lots of bloods for everything however it has shown my CA125 count has risen to 39 as well as slightly elevated amylase all other bloods results such as lfts were fine . I know that's not high but my CA125 count was only 150 when first diagnosed with stage 3 a borderline cancer. Had ultra sound today and my gall bladder and liver appears fine so don't know apart from recurrence what could be causing this. Feeling a tad anxious here. Awaiting for vaginal ultra sound know . Ment to add ive had a full hysterectomy so not sure what a vaginal us will show.

hope you are all keeping well and living life as best as possible

sem10 xxxx

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Hi there

Sorry that you have this additional worry.

I am a good bit ahead of you , operated on in January 2010 and I still have pain that I live with. It is no wonder when you think what the operation entailed.

My tumour was also borderline but I wasn't staged and so far nothing has reappeared.

I have one of those lovely internal scans every check up , they look for recurring cysts / tumours where your ovaries used to be. It is a very useful intervention apparently.

I hope you get sorted soon .

Charlie xx


Thanks for your reply Charlie I was wondering what a vaginal US revealed . It's good that you get that done routinely. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's something else that's raising my ca125 .

Take care

Sen10 xxx


Could you have pancreatitis? I was just wondering with your amylase levels being raised and having upper abdominal pain?


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