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If you have been shielding, which statement(s) best describe your experience? Please tick all that apply to you and add any comments below.

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Easing out of lockdown is confusing, I feel a great deal of government figures and advice is chaotic and misleading.

Easing out of lockdown I have felt that "we" have been left out, and now it is very confusing on what's happening. Is our date of end of June to be extended?

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Hello Glamping14

At the moment we don't have further information on whether people will be advised to shield beyond the end of June, but we will update our website information as soon as we know the recommendations ovacome.org.uk/Pages/Catego...

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I feel as if those of us who have to shield are an afterthought in any government announcement.

I had difficulty at the start of shielding to get slots for supermarket delivery slots & same applied to online pharmacy, however, I sorted this out in about 2 weeks & it has been fine since.

I find the instructions about easing out of lockdown very confusing & slightly bizarre. I live alone, no family nearby yet I can go out for a walk with another person, providing I keep social distance! It seems a big leap from being told “not to leave my property”! Fortunately, I live in a very quiet area & went out for a walk most days, alone.

Whilst I've managed sometimes in the early stages getting my normal supermarket delivery was horrendous. I really had to justify myself to my usual pharmacy as my letter didn't arrive until second tranch. The magic words stage 4 seemed to do the trick though. But it was frustrating and made me feel very powerless. Am ignoring the current govt advice and remain in isolation as I consider it far too risky to go out as yet. I also self isolated earlier than lockdown as it was evident what was happening.

I live in Wales and the press conference from No. 10 does not explain what rules/laws/advice are true for the UK and which are true just for England. Matt Hancock is the Health Minister for England only, health matters are devolved.

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Hello Haeh

There is advice from the Welsh government on their website here: gov.wales/shielding-extreme...

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes


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Haeh in reply to OvacomeSupport

Thanks Anna. I watch the BBC1 Wales press conference at 12.30 to get the information for Wales. It is just infuriating when they do the daily press conference from No.10 and don't explain what is for the UK and what is for England only. I have noticed lately that there is a mention sometimes, but not all the time.

I have had no problem - married 68 years to aa wonderful man. We enjoy each other’s company so no problem there. Plenty of help from adult children and relative. This to shall pass and life go on.

Felt I was supported re shopping and medication. A little bit confusing advice from the government but it’s all new territory so must be difficult to know if you’re getting it right

I found my mental health deteriorated and felt the onset of depression

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Hello Madmolly

I'm really sorry to hear you've found shielding so tough. Please do get in touch with us if there is anything you want to talk through. There is also all our online support as part of the Staying Connected programme during this time: ovacome.org.uk/staying-conn...

You could also ask your GP about counselling, as services may be available remotely until face-to-face meeting becomes possible again.

If you'd like us to look into local support services for you, please let us know the area you live in and we'll be happy to do this for you.

Best wishes


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It contradicted itself at times but I understand I now can go out once a day keeping the distance rules but still avoid the shops xx

I have found shielding quite easy. I have a dog and have walked every day. I got a supermarket slot within a week. All appointments have been by phone but have to go see oncologist at the end of the month. I’m not looking forward to that. I’m not comfortable about shielding being eased.

My GP totally failed me, didnt want to know , basically told me it was nothing to do with them. I had to contact my MP to get any response and he stepped up within 24 hours. Finally my Onc sent me a shielding letter. Very disappointed with whole experience. No support at all from outside my family. Confused now really as to when exactly shielding will end.

After the first couple of weeks when everyone seemed like rabbits in headlights, I feel that I was supported well by services and by friends and relatives. Isolating with my partner has been easy but oh my have I missed family and friends. It's been very frustrating feeling that my life is to be shorter than most and and I'm being cheated of living life to the full.

On the government COVID updates there could have been more mention of shielders to ensure they knew they weren't forgotten.

Confusing and misleading government guidelines easing out of lock down.

I had to shield (but I had Ovarian cancer in 2014) because my husband is vulnerable, so the household members need to be thought of too. It could lead to resentment and I think the people shielding have been forgotten in general and are virtual prisoners.

Made worse by the actions of the inconsiderate, who don’t think of the bigger picture making this a longer process than should be.

I think if the country had battened down the hatches and had stronger lockdown right at the beginning, we wouldn’t be in this position.

Let’s not forget the high death toll and each one of these beautiful people are someone’s mother, father, sister,brother, or other, just not a number.

We have been very lucky with phone calls from our surgery and a weekly slot at a supermarket of our choice, so no complaints there and my husbands treatment and care going on as planned, fortunate.

Shielding at home was easy and enjoyable but weekly visits to hospital were stressful . Then I had to travel from Cornwall to London for my clinical trial scans because my local hospital refused to accommodate them. I felt this made a total nonsense of shielding as I was obliged to make 2 x5- hour journeys on public transport and stay overnight in central London.

I was given two opposing pieces of advice to begin with by gp and hospital. Advice was hard to come by and I made it up as I went along. Once on chemo it was accepted that I am vulnerable and things became simpler.

Government started well but releasing info was confusing and they lost control at end of may they said they would follow the science the scientists said it was too early to release.

Getting a supermarket slot at the beginning was impossible. Thank goodness for a kind friend. Now what for those still shielding are we forgotten.

I was fortunate as I do not live alone and have a husband and daughter to shop etc.

Also live near farmland away from lots of people so have occasionally been out with dog.

For those alone I think it would be a very different experience.

I am very fortunate as live with other adults who do all the shopping. I live in a rural area so can go out for walks. If this wasn't the case I would find sheilding very difficult. I felt very well supported by the medical profession etc.

I found the easing of lockdown, on Monday - ( I.e. allowing us to leave home once per day & meet with another person) rather alarming, as we had been told that wouldn’t happen until England was at Alert level 1!

As I’m on treatment my Oncologist told me I had to shield until my treatment was over anyway. Made quite clear at my appointment when told when treatment would start again.

Was undergoing chemo, also my mum passed away in April had much to ponder about had lows especially after the death of my mother but had to get on with it as had her estate to deal with, in terms of the so called lockdown pretty much hot the help I wanted from all concerned, also helps if you are happy to sort of be on your own, kept in contact with friends etc via phone.

I used shielding as a time to focus on recovery from chemo. not having to worry about entertaining people or how aweful I looked.I did however feel desperate for hugs from my family & at times felt very lonely & sad.So lucky that I have a small but peaceful garden to sit in & a wonderful husband! Best to appreciate the special things we HAVE got not things that we haven’t .🤗

As things eased off with shielding it took awhile to build up to going g out at all. Once I did and saw how everyone else was doing and 9it I felt safe enough to get out and about a bit more. Now we are back to a lock down from to.orrow I don't understand why it's not necessary to shield to the same extent as previously and that is causing me anxiety.Iam having 3 weekly Avastin treatment for a further 15 treatments.

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Dear Tillymint61,

The government have today updated their guidance and it comes into effect tomorrow. You can read it here: gov.uk/government/publicati....

Within the document there is also a link to register for support (such as priority online shopping slots) from your local authority.

Your ongoing Avastin treatment falls under the criteria of "people having immunotherapy or other continuing antibody treatments for cancer" so this guidance will be relevant for your circumstances.

I hope that this is helpful for you and others in a similar situation.

Best wishes,

Laura Nott

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