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For about 4-5 weeks I’ve been feeling bloated and full on and off. Saw dr and she gave me peppermint capsules to take. Two weeks since she gave them to me it’s not so bad but been getting stomach cramps and slight back ache. I feel my symptoms are mild. I had a blood test today, they are testing for ibs, coeliac disease, diverticulitis, and doing a ca125 test. I am 37, no children. In good health wise, just wondering if anyone else had had a similar situations. I haven’t been in pain and not needed to take pain killers it’s just uncomfortable, but not all the time. I am fairly active and lifts weights,

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It's very natural to be worried when things don't feel quite right but my advice would be to wait for blood results and see what they show, if that doesn't reassure you request an ultrasound for peace of mind. Best of luck with everything

Sorry you're not feeling great . Your obviously well informed and wondering about Ovarian cancer.You've had symptoms for a relatively short time too so well done getting it checked out early.

Try not to worry. Fingers crossed it turns out to be nothing serious and your symptoms settle.

Ca125 is not always raised in Ovarian cancer so if your tests come back normal but your symptoms persist please see your gp again and ask for a CT scan.My Primary Peritoneal Cancer didn't show up at all on an ultrasound. I know other ladies here have said the same about their Ovarian cancer.

Do let us know how you get on.

All the very best to you .

Liz. X

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Thank you both. My bloods came back normal, I am going to speak to t doctor tomorrow

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That's Great! Hope you're feeling better very soon. L x

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