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Raised CA125

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Hi everyone. I'm just wondering if anyone can share a similar experience to mine and let me know their outcome.

I'm 46, 2 years ago I had a raised CA125 of 45, was sent for a us scan, nothing found.

After returning to my GP a fortnight ago due an ongoing (non Covid) cough and other gyny issues like bloating, abdominal pain, I had another CA125 test which has come back at level 65. I am now waiting for a hospital appointment for another scan but am driving myself insane in the meantime. I lost my mum to breast cancer in 2018 and I know ovarian and breast cancers are linked. Also this cough is worrying me as I've read advanced oc can progress to lungs. Also my father died of cancer when I was a girl.

Any thoughts from those having had similar...as in a 2nd, higher, raised result 2 years after the 1st?

Thanks in advance

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I'm sorry to hear of your distress and worry, my ca125 at diagnosis was 145 and I was told that it wasn't remarkable high. The fact that your previous scan was normal is very reassuring, ca125 can be raised in other circumstances too like endometriosis sometimes. Hopefully things will turn out ok for you and you won't have long to wait for your appointment, I wish you all the best

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Thank you so much, I hope you are doing ok. I am feeling alot calmer about it today and realise now that 65 is not particularly high in comparison to others. Hopefully I will get an appointment through in the next few days gor my scan and can 🤞 have mind put completely to rest. Take care, thanks again for taking the time to reply 💜 xx

Hi there.Ive had ultrasound, histoscopy and now waiting for CT which is on Saturday. My CA125 IS 78 and the only reason they are sending me fir a scan is becuse of the raised CA125 because the hysteroscopy was clear apart from 2 polyps that have been biopsied and given the all clear.

My right ovary cannot be detected due to a dermoid cyst, so basically they are looking to see if the cyst shows any cancerous cells. Ive been bleeding since 11 April with no let-up despite being on Norethisterone.

Im a nurse and quite pragmatic in that worrying about it doesn't change the outcome and it is already what it is. I will deal with the issue when I'm told it's an issue. In the meantime I'm just putting up with the symptoms as I have been anaemic so I'm tired and experiencing some aching in the kidney area. Sleeping helps, and partaking in a bit of arts and craft all helps.

I hope that you can accept that whatever it is, it is and worrying is eating up your time to do things that you wouldn't normally do, so think of something you've been wanting to do, make, change, decorate etc and put your energy into doing that instead of worrying what might not be. When the time comes and you get the answers, face whatever it is head on eith everything you have. All that energy that you've saved by not worrying about something that it wont change. And it could be absolutely fine and you've got things done you probably wouldn't have otherwise done.

I hope that makes sense. I'm not denying your worry, just want anyone in the same situations to accept whatever it is and then fight head on with all you got. You never know, you might start a new hobby at the same time.

I've been off work so in between being exhausted and sleeping - I've done a few projects I probably wouldnt have done! On the days I'm knackered, I'll watch TV or YouTube. So far it's a strategy that seems to be working


Hope you find answers and some peace of mind.

Ah bless you, thank you. It sounds like you are coping really well with your situation. Your positivity is fantastic,well done. I'm feeling so much better about my situation now, nearly 1 week after my call from the gp about the blood result I'm feeling convinced the high ca125 is down to my ibs.

Hope everything turns out well for you, thanks again for your message

Thank you. I'm sorry for your IBS as I know it can be debilitating in itself, but it's much 'better' than the alternative. I hope my own positivity didnt come across as denying anyones worries as I know health anxiety is real. I just hoped to share some strategies and would want anyone to keep the energy to fight or so what they can do something about, not what they can't. I try and see the positive in every situation and as a result - I'm more of a worrier when it comes to my loved ones health - but never been one to worry too much in general. I have other long term health issues and had a tumour removed from my chest (next to lung), 11 years ago. That was a bit worrying as my kids were still at school. Also it was picked up on random chest xray... But on the whole I do try my best to be positive. I just want it to be done and dusted and back to work to do my job helping others!

I hope your health contimues onnthe right road, and hope your IBS clears up or eases. Have you been put in touch with anyone to help you with it? Maybe worth asking your GP, but NHS website should give good advice on ways to relieve or minimise the symptoms.

Take care xx

Before I was diagnosed with OC, I had almost a year-long battle with pleural effusions (basically fluid in the lungs). Dr’s were so focused on the lungs they never looked lower for the cause. Turns out, the fluid was building in my right lung as a response to a tumor in my left ovary. Only found it because one dr fought for a CT scan of the abdomen. And boom— 7 lb GCT tumor! Once the ovary and tumor were removed, the fluid went away. Your body responds to something being wrong in weird ways that don’t seem connected but sometimes are.

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