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I’m taking Olaparib Capsules which I’m finding hard to swallow, I’ve asked if I can take in tablet form but have been told even though they are available in Ireland they are not dispensed because there is no reimbursement of costs.

Is any of our group taking tablet form?

Keep safe and best wishes to all.

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Hi. I’m in the US and taking tablets so not much help. My understanding is that the capsules are being phased out. If you tell your oncologist you simply can’t swallow all the capsules maybe they can make a case for funding the tablets? Also AstraZeneca might help financially if you contact them directly. It seems like you’ve done really well on Olaparib so you’d want to continue taking it. Good luck!

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Thank you so much Delia, I have already written to our Health Minister stating my problem. I had thought about contacting the pharmaceutical a company but thought it might be a long shot. Will try and get funding fromthem.

I have been happy enough with Olaparib, I have had so much chemo that my oncologist said that if I survive 3 years whilst taking Olaparib that he would consider giving me more chemo when it returns.

Seems a better alternative to becoming palliative. I hope you are also doing well on Olaparib , I really do appreciate your reply, I don’t know how long you are taking the drug but if you have anything you would like to discuss Re side effects etc I would be glad to help. Take good care. Carol (21752)

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Hi Carol. I’ve only been on Olaparib since mid-April. I get really fatigued from it and I get nausea every few days but that’s improving. I think I also have joint pain from it but not sure that’s the cause. I read your earlier posts. You’re doing well to have survived breast cancer and now OC for six years! But that’s an awful lot to go through. You asked about BRCA positive children. I have two stepdaughters who are brca2. I myself am not but my tumor is brca1. However I have a PALB2 mutation as does one sister and one daughter. It gives us a 58% chance of breast cancer and increased risk of OC and pancreatic. One stepdaughter was going to get a preventive mastectomy but decided not to. We all get a breast mri and then six months later a mammogram. Also my daughter had a preventative hysterectomy and had her ovaries and tubes out. Let me know how you get on with the Olaparib. Where in Ireland are you? I’m one of those Irish Americans everyone makes fun of. 😄 Until last summer I’ve spent a month in Ireland every summer for the past twenty years.

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Hi Delia, I have all those side effects, especially the muscle pain, I also have neuropathy from chemo in the hands and feet which causes me to fall over a lot. I am so grateful for the medication because I don’t know what my next step would have been. My daughter has BRCA2 and is organising her screening, she doesn’t have children yet so a full hysterectomy is something she is trying to push out till she is 40 she’s 37 now. I am in Limerick maybe you were here? Good luck with the treatment be kind to yourself. Carol

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