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it is rarely diagnosed hence the late discovery. This is a failure of generalists for whom it doesnt exist even female docs. An ultrasound should be as common as pap smears. Also there are few trials as opposed to breast cancer. So we are victims of close minded medecine . Now there are trials for parps plus avastin or parps plus immuno but we have to know about them which is another problem. We have to become our own researchers for treatments as well as how best to survive the chemicals we live with. Interesting however to stretch our minds in new directions and to find out how strong and resourceful we can become.

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I had an ultrasound which was all clear and 4 days later I was in A&E and I was admitted to hospital and had scans and was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian cancer. Nothing showed up on the ultrasound.

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Wow am so sorry to hear this. I had an ultrasound and then ca125 followed by an MRI...but i had to discover and it ws already 3c. Continuing on with chemo but still have to be more involved in medical decisions than i would wish started in 2015. Best of luck to you

Hi Ruebacelle,

I completely agree with your comments, simple clues for doctors such as a patient presenting regularly with UTIs should set off alarm bells but in my case didn’t.

Also I had to get my own information on Olaparib , one of the most recent parp inhibitors and seek out a BRCA test myself, this at the time being the criteria for receiving the drug. I was positiveBRCA2 and therefore Have been taking it for 18 months.

It’s not good enough that we have to be our own advocates, I shouldn’t have been ill and having to spend my time researching and informing my oncologist on where I felt my treatment plan should travel.

Anyway good luck to everyone travelling this unenviable path, I am six years on from stage 3 diagnosis and have had 3 recurrences.

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