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Happz\ey to be chemo free at last

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Well this time last year it all started had radiotherapy with bad reaction, then kidney problems in May after which I started Gemzar, This worked away for a few months very well and then stopped. So was changed to Caelyx in October. My scan a few weeks ago showed the area of concern gone so my Oncologist decided to cap the Caelyx at 8. I am slowly recovering energy. I was getting leg ache and weakness which got worse since Xmas, So back to gp and Onc, I am now waiting for Mri as they feel it is damage from the treatments. I have done a little research on the reputable UK SITES re side effects so I am hoping that this is the case. Meantime my appetite has returned slowly. I am wondering if any of you had these side effects from Caelyx and how did they resolve or how did you manage, thank you in advance

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Hi Suzuki

I hope you get an answer from someone familiar with Gemzar and Caelyx. I don’t have experience with either so can’t help with any personal knowledge .

It’s good that your energy and appetite are returning.

I enjoyed watching your makeover on TV am. You looked great.

I’m not sure if you will be up to the Dublin coffee morning . I have just registered so perhaps I will see you there



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suzuki in reply to IrishMollyO

I don't think I can make it on 7th March. I actually noticed that the Ovacome site has posted some items on lymphodema which I have read and which I find interesting. As I type this we have a light snow shower here in Cork. Stay warm and cosy

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