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How long for lynparza to work? Is pseudoprogression possible?

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Hi- I was wondering 1) if anyone knows how quickly Lynparza starts working and also- 2) has anyone had the experience that PET scan suv increased (but cancer did not) initially but stayed on the drug and it then worked to kill the cancer. My mom has been on lynparza x2 months and they scanned her - scan showed a slight decrease in size of ovarian cancer tumors and ca125 reduced from 90 to 58. Docs are saying the drug isn’t working though. Ps. She is also on Keytruda. Any insight would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance. :-)

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Hi cgeg, I am taking Lynparza and have been for one year, I don’t think my experience will be so helpful to you because I was NED when I started and the aim is to keep it that way. I do so hope your moms tumour keeps shrinking and that she will improve greatly,

Hi Cgeg,unfortunately,only the medical team will be able to answer your questions.Your mums clinic specialist nurse should be able to help.Wishing all of you good wishes

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Thanks anniH1- I have gotten some direction and recommendations from another group. Appreciate your time.

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