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Hi, my mom 74yo, still full of life, has been diagnosed ovarian cancer serous tipe high stage 3C. A shock for all of us and my dad too. She had surgery and now is having chemo (had 3 out of 6 taxol + carboplatinum and also bevacizum for about 22 times in total) - a lot of pains and now frequent “depression” moments. She is in great fear, and we are too despite telling her we need to fight and stay positive and despite keep on giving her as much normality and optimism as possible. I am now so frightened and frustrated and feel in need of hearing positive successful stories to share with her, as she lost a friend for this 2years ago and keeps on saying this bad cancer is not letting you survive. Plus how is recurrence at 3c stage? Experiences to share? Many thanks to all of you for any support you may share.

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Hi manumezza .First time I had a OC I was 59 years old.I was thinking that’s it but reading all positive reviews I changed my mind. After 1.5 years I have a recurrence but I am positive now.After surgery I have to have Avastin infusion next week.Soon I gonna be grandma and I don’t think about cancer I am thinking see my baby and tech care of her. Your mom gonna be fine.Give her my hugs.Emma from Chicago.❤️

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Dear Emma, thanks so much for sharing this. I have been positive and strong and rational and motivating for the past 4 months and now i find myself so overwhelmed and scared too. I live in uk and she lives in italy with my dad and my sis close by, luckily I managed to be with her for many weeks over the past months but i feel so sad to see her in pain and so afraid. Thanks for your words and good luck with your baby girl coming to the world!

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Dear manumezza my daughter lives in Italy to but for my surgery she came home be whit me after surgery and recovering time .we FaceTime every day.You du to .Happy New year 🎄🥂

Hi Manumezza, I was diagnosed with the same grade and stage over 8 years ago and still here despite recurrences. Have faith. Chemo often acts as a depressant on top of the diagnosis feeling like it has ripped your life apart.

My sister lives in Italy but distance doesn't stop me feeling close and supported by her.

Wishing your mum a return to good health. Ignore the statistics, there are many women on here who have defied them. Wishing you strength as you support your mum through this. 💐😘

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Thank you LittleSan! This is what i needed to read and to be able to share with her. Wishing you too all the best

Hi Manumezza. My prayers are with you and your mother and family. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 in July of 2018 at 70 years of age. I have gone through 22 treatments the first be the "big guns" as I called it, and the last 16 maintenance.

When I first found out that I had OC, I thought that would be it, but the Doctor said, "Oh not so. I cannot cure you, but we can put you into remission!" 15 months later I have finished by chemo and each CT scan showed no new growth. I have to be checked every three months, but I never thought I would make it this far. It is scary but trying to keep a positive attitude. It was really important for me to eat properly and get lots of protein. I think sharing what you read from others with your mama in Italy via Facetime is a wonderful idea. I will get my "prayer warriors" to keep you all in prayer! Keep in touch!

Hi there, I had the exact same diagnosis as your mum in May 2016. I have had no recurrence and doing well so far. I do have the BRCA gene though which can mean mean you respond better to treatment. There are lots of ladies on this site that are doing very well many years down the line which is really encouraging. Everyone’s journey is so different, the uncertainty is very difficult but all we can do is stay positive and have hope. Sending best wishes, to you and your mum. Jo xx

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