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Happy New Year

I wish all the wonderful, wise, thoughtful, resilient, brave and generous women on this Forum the very very best for 2018. I am sad for all of us that we have lost so many lovely ladies this year but happy that they are now pain free and at peace.

I hope with everything that I have that a good year is in store for us all and that we will continue to be surrounded by love and laughter.

Lots of love! 💓💓💓


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Hi D,here's hoping you have a great 2018 and do even more challenges this year. Phil


Happy New Year Phil! Hope you are feeling Well! Dx


Hi Dee gosh we are a subdued lot at the moment aren't we? I haven't been on line much. Had to go caredoc Xmas night. Got antibiotics which flattened me. Think it's that flu bug. I had a cough like I never had before. Not gone yet but its taking time to bid me farewell. I wish you and everyone else a happy joyful year full of great memories'


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