Shave for cancer research.

Shave for cancer research.

So proud of my brother who shaved his head last weekend for cancer research.


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  • Love some of the crazy things our loved ones do for cancer research. Xx

  • Well done to you and your brother, that is really a great idea

  • Myself and hubby did a head shave for the ICS when my hair started to go. We videotaped it, put videos on facebook, attached them to hundreds of email addresses (anyone we know or have ever known or been acquainted with) and via have so far raised €8,500. It really helped me to know that my baldness was helping someone.

  • Good for you,

    That was my brother who lives in Middlesex. Last week my other brother here in Ireland did his for cancer research also.

    They are great and I know it was because of me.

    We are not bald forever.

    Well done you two.

    Ann Nora 🍀

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