Update - Abdominal cramping and pain - results of scan.

Hi all

I got results of scan that I had yesterday - there is a lot of peritoneal disease, more deposits in peritoneum than 6 weeks ago, and more ascites. Oncologist told me to try a liquid diet until tomorrow to "rest" the bowel, and take Buscopan for cramps and paracetamol for pain. If no improvement over the next few days he will bring me into to hospital to be drained.

Isn't it amazing to think that I feel this is good news! Last year I was devastated to be told I had more disease in peritoneum after 1st line of chemo, this year - after 3rd line of chemo - I'm so relieved that it hasn't spread to any organs. This, is think, is called living with the disease!

Hope you all have a nice weekend!


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  • Julie the, sorry to hear you are having difficulties. I am in Medugorje today and for the week so I will pray you will get the correct treatment to get you well again.

  • Thank you so much!


  • Juliet, I hope things improve for you over the weekend and you don't have go into hospital. Peritoneal that was the word I was trying to remember for my post last week. That is where I have my tumours and thankfully they have not spread either. I hope to see you at the Cork Coffee Morning. Kittie

  • Thanks Kittie! I'm going to be in Cork- see you there!

  • Hi Juliet,it is great news to know it hasn't invaded any organs,and I hope you got through the weekend o.k and didn't need to be drained.I hate being drained.xx

  • Thanks Annie

    I've improved quite a bit, still have pain, but cramps not nearly as bad, so I don't think I will need to be drained.


  • Hi Juliet looking forward to seeing y in cork, like you it is not in the organs but around them. I am on gym/carbo. So far all good. Take care julia8163

  • Hi Julia

    See you on 29th!


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