Tempting Fate!

Hi Ladies.Had my appointment with my oncologist 2 weeks ago.As many of you know,I've been on Orlaparib since January 2016.inoperable,incurable ! Scan last July showed 9 nodules on both lungs,Peritenium involvement,overaries,uterine stranding,lymph Nodes and Pelvis involvement as well as thickening of the appendix and Omentum.Had two previous lines of chemo and Avastin.

Had scan in November.Didnt really ask about results,just asked was it ok and was told yes,very happy with it.Two weeks ago when I visited the Onc I asked for the details.Was totally unprepared for the details! The scan in November showed,no visible recurrence in the pelvic area,no visible sign of involvement on the lungs,peritenium etc.To make sure I heard correctly I asked my GP for the results and she confirmed the same thing.My lifelong companion has fallen asleep,nestled up in a place no longer visible to the eye!

So your probably wondering why I'm tempting fate?! Well since 11th of March I've been having problems in my bladder/ womb area.As they lie so close to each other I'm not sure which is causing the problems.I have pain,but not when going to the loo,it's a constant niggley ache and also frequency to the loo.Ive spoken to someone about it and as told it was cystitis as I had it before.This time though it seems to be ongoing.Ive no visible sign of blood in urine or temperature.Ive also discomfort in my left pelvic area.My Onc ordered another scan for later this month,not because he was worried about anything,he just wants to check on the cancers reaction to the drug.

I'm just wondering did I celebrate my wonderful news too early? My CA125 2 weeks ago was 13 , the same as it has been since March/April 2016.

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  • Hi Annie, I know it's easy said than done, but don't worry too much, I was told its one of the side effects of Avastin is ache in your joints and muscles. Even a few months of taking it . But if your not sure please have it mention to your onc. I'm on avast in and I'm feeling the pain that your experiencing apart from frequency in urinating.. But I have pains in both my pelvic area and feeling bloated but my scan 3 weeks ago was fine. I hope you get sorted soon.. Take care.. Xxx

  • Thanks Luchie xx

  • Gosh Annie if I were you, I would go back to Malaga again for another break, it seems to do you the world of good. This is fantastic news and I bet the Oncologist is really happy with you, you know he was having a bad time there a few weeks ago but your news makes his work all worthwhile. What I mean by that is my two companions at chemo passed with a day of each other so they do need to get good reports. So thrilled for you

  • Annie thrilled to hear yourgood news .Yes of course celebrate girl .As Suzuki said take off to the sun and have a ball .Its hard not to worry when we have various aches and pains but if onc not concerned I would try to put it aside .why not take a urine spec in to GP and have a word .Am delighted to hear such encouraging news Annie do celebrate gir u so deserve to kick up your heels .

  • Thanks girls ,what would I do without ye! Xx

  • Annie, what result! Wow!

    With regards to your current pains, cystitis causes a. Burning sensation so I this k you'd know about that. Perhaps a UTI?

    Get your GP to check your urine. Ann xx

  • Thanks Ann,I'm feeling a bit better today.Hope you are doing well xx

  • The old cure Anne, barley water is good just as good as the stuff from chemist

  • Fantastic result! Try not worry about aches ( I know that'd easier said than done) and well done! Is this down to olaparabib?


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