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ovacare coffee morning,

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I would just like to thank June and Ovacare for hosting a lovely Coffee Morning here in Cork yesterday at the former Clarion Hotel which of course is now the Clayton Hotel Lapps Quay. There was a take over during the past few days. However the scones and pastries were delicious as usual. The chat and banter was flowing and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I would imagine the next one will be in February some time. It was lovely to meet up with old friend and make new ones. We are sorry some of the ladies were unable to make it and hope to see you all next time.

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Hi Suzuki, I was sorry I couldn't make it yesterday but I am crossing my fingers and toes that I make the next one. Thankfully the scones and pastries are still as good as ever that itself will keep me going until the next Coffee Morning. I hope to make the next one in January in Dublin as it falls in the middle of my chemo but unfortunately their cakes are not a patch on the ones in Cork . Kittie .

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Hi Kittie I look forward to it and remember its the City Clayton, not the one a mile away. I am giggling at yesterday but really they had no business commenting on our conversation.

I second that Suzuki.Thank you June for hosting the morning.I really enjoyed the banter x

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Great to see you Anne you hadnt been there in a while, it is a pity some of the other ladies didnt make it but some were away. But we had some laugh, Talking to Kittie on fb yesterday and the Hotel zoned in on our conversation as I made a remark about it should be Clayton Lapps Quay to avoid problems with their admin when booking. As living here I wouldnt make the error but some of their clients might

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You are so right,we were discussing the whole chNge name thing and address of Clayton Hotel.You made a valid point.its 3.40am and I'm still awake ,watching little house on the prairie after watching 2 episodes of the Waltons!! What a hectic life I lead ha ha

That media manager must have been awake the night before because he sent an acknowledgement of my message to him at 5.55am. Gosh would your gp give you something to help you sleep. I couldnt do without my tabs as I would drive my head nuts. I used come down and make a cuppa but now I dont, Have you tries Calomile tea or a banana at night time.

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