re Gynae onc conference in Dublin on Sat 3rd December

As posted by Ovacare the gynae onc conference includes a patient section on Sat 3rd Dec at 9.30 am in Dublin, I feel our contribution as patients is important and I am just wondering if any of you are going to attend. I am hoping to travel from Cork depending on the weather. Please note as well that, train timetable is changed for this day. There is no 7am train rather is it 6.25 which gets to heuston for 9.30. The aircoach and Go be buses are scheduled about the same time so no benefit there. I hope everyone is doing as best they can and I wish everyone well. best wishes Joan

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  • Hey Joan!

    I have registered for the session and will be there unless something comes up in the meantime so maybe see you there??


  • Hi D just getting out of the park on a frosty morning is pretty scary so dont want to put anyone through that so will be there if roads to the train are okay. I will be later but have emailed them that. My cousin is putting up my brother and family that weekend and accomodation is pretty expensive seeing that there are shows going on, hopefully I will get there

  • Hi which hospital is this in

  • Hi Catherine it is on in the National Gallery Merrion Square but you have to go to their site Irish College of Gynae Oncologists and go down the page to patient link and register there, you will then receive a ticket by email.

  • Hi Suzuki

    Thank you very good of you to reply.

  • Hi Suzuki, I won't make it on Saturday because I am on chemo all this week and have to have my Neulasta jab on Saturday. I seem but be missing everything this year but it can't be helped. I hope you manage to make it because it is a long trip from Cork. Kittie

  • Hi Kittie, I had forgotten you were started, I hope everything will go okay for you. Yes its a long trip and an early start but my brother is coming from Nice to celebrate his sons birthday Friday night so I can kill two birds with the one stone hopefully. I must google the weather. I have searched for accomodation but its expensive and I dont want to be dragging a case with me so the early train is more convenient and I can have 40 winks or more

  • A well it would be great to see your brother, hotel accommodation is at a premium this time of year they charge the same for single occupancy as they do for double and most are without breakfast. The trains are a bit more comfortable now and you can always get a cuppa. Chemo went well today I also had the Avastin today back in early in the morning for another dose of Topotecan they told me it will only take half an hour for the chemo but it's the premeds and port flushing that takes the time. I hope your appointment went well today. Kittie

  • Hey Kittie!

    Hope the chemo doesn't hit you too hard! Mind yourself!


  • Yes got a stay out of jail card for another few months, so no scan I wonder why, I did ask before I left and he said he didnt want one,

  • Hi Suzuki

    My last chemo is on Mon so as I'm not too great after the last one I will have to give it a miss. Will look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

    Take care


  • Hey Molly!

    Hope you getting though your Chemo ok?


  • Hi D

    Just plodding through. Funny aches and pains which I hope can be explained away on Mon. On the plus side it seems to have gone faster than first time round. I have been following your travels turning green with envy now and then ! Keep on travelling and posting. Take care


  • I hope all is going well for you Molly but you are almost at the finishing post tg.

  • Hi Suzuki

    Can't with to finish. It seems to have gone faster this time but I am more weary . Very unpredictable . Never know when a peculiar pain will just happen. Suddenly my back is aching badly since yesterday . Roll on the end of it. Take care


  • Yes these aches and pains do come to haunt us, try epsom salts in your bath and if you dont have a bath do it the old fashioned way, soak the feet in a basin of water for twenty minutes with epsom salts. It seems it is getting more popular as the prices have shot up

  • Hello,

    I won't make it 😭. Chemo today. Neulasta for next 12 days, 1 jab each day...



  • So sorry you are going through this again, I think the weather has got milder a little and the roads from our park should be okay to travel to railway station on Sat. So hoping to get there. I hope your side effects are as little as possible, best wishes

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