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Biopsy results

Biopsy results

I had a full gastrectomy on July 13th at St James hospital Leeds . My journey has been relatively easy compared to some of the things I have read on this site that others have suffered . I have always tried very hard to keep a positive attitude which has been knocked at times but thanks to this site and lots of support from family and friends I can now really start on the recovery road .

My last biopsy results have come back no cancer so I am absolutely elated . .I am now going to be booked in for a stretch to help with the eating problem . I am told I am no longer ill but all I have to do is recover . .My team at St James hospital is amazing and I can ring my G.I.nurse whenever I want .

Also member Sidesaddle has and still does help me with various niggles and support which is so important . .

So all you people out there keep your chin up and stay positive and get on with life and take time to recover . .

It's better than the alternative . .

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That is excellent news Jackie. It is good that you are positive which is the most important factor in recovery .