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A list of books and places for information

This is a list that some of you may find useful, provided by Peter with his comments, to whom we are most grateful for sharing his research. We will all have an individual degree of appreciation of these resources, but they are there for you to take your pick, according to taste. Everyone's condition is likely to be different, but do feel free to add any others you may find helpful!

Radical Remission by Kelly Turner (USA).

Kelly Turner is a researcher, who has found nine key factors, which promote extended survival.

Well written and inspiring book.


The New Medicine by Dr. Patrick Kingsley.

The late Dr. Patrick Kingsley was a former Barts medical student, who died last August. For a GP, he was unusual, in the sense, that he was prepared to look at Alternative Medicine.

The first 13 chapters deal with Cancer. The book needs editing and lacks an index.


Everything you need to know to help beat Cancer by Chris Woollams.

The Rainbow Diet by Chris Woollams.

Chris Woollams became interested in cancer (again), when his elder daughter got rare form of brain cancer. He has written a few books on cancer and diet. The website has extensive info about Cancer.


Cancer: Why We're Still Dying to Know the Truth by Phillip Day.

ABCs of Disease (updated edition) by Phillip Day.

Phillip Day’s relatives had developed cancer. He is a Christian health researcher and public speaker. His website provides information about his talks and books.


What Doctors don’t tell you ~ A monthly magazine by Lynne McTaggart and Bryan Hubbard.


Other books.

You can heal your life by Louise Hay.

Louise Hay is an 80 year old survivor of cancer. She focuses on the Mind-Body connection, in the sense that our thoughts and emotions play an important role with regard to cancer. A different book.


Other sites.




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I hope you don't mind if I add FindMeCure to that list as an online place where patients can find clinical trials for various conditions and apply for joining suitable studies. Here is the link to the platform: findmecure.com/

And here is a link to a particular stomach cancer trial that is now recruiting 300 patients with metastatic gastric cancer: findmecure.com/Campaigns/ta...

I hope this information will come in handy for some of the people here.


Thanks so much!