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Introduce yourself!

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Why not leave a short comment below and introduce yourselves. Give as much or as little information as you like. Feel free to ask your own questions here:

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Hello my name on site is Fizzy35

I live in Central Scotland and personally have found the OPA to be a tremendous source of help and knowledge

To be a main carer along this journey is extremely difficult and it is excellent to have a resource and forum on hand like this to help each other

Always ASK ASK ASK is now my motto

Someone on here is sure to have ideas and support for you

And you in turn will be not only become a better and understanding and more knowledgeable carer but able to help others along their recovery journey too

Best wishes to you all

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Poildecarotte in reply to Fizzy35

Were you able to join the OPA’s Zoom meeting for carers on November7? If not, would you like a copy of the notes I prepared for that meeting?Philip, carer and OPA trustee

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Fizzy35 in reply to Poildecarotte

Hi this past year to be honest has absolutely gone in a blur for me

In fact probably the last two years

Only feel now wakening up

So maybe I was but do not recall so yes please.

And I still wish to be in your contact lists for carers phone buddies

So Yes please

Thank you

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Poildecarotte in reply to Fizzy35

Dear Fizzy, I am sorry to hear that your recovery has been so extended, though as I expect you will have learnt, the after effects of this serious operation affect each person in so many different ways. I must apologise that I am quite a novice on this site and do not yet know how to attach files with this reply, but if you are happy to give me your email, I will forward these notes to you.

Best wishes, Philip

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Fizzy35 in reply to Poildecarotte

Thank you Philip I did manage to attend both meetings one of which I could not get my picture to come up on screen !!

So I am also a bit of a novice

I have registered with OPA to be a buddy thank you