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4 year old with no solid poos! Any tips gladly received!

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My daughter just turned 4 and is having poo problems. When she was smaller she was frequently constipated so the doctor gave her sachets to help her go. That was months ago and we don’t use the laxido any more. But now she only does very very soft poo - and she does them throughout the day in pull-up nappies. I’d like her to be potty trained - but it’s not the kind of poo which just comes out in one go and certainly doesn’t ‘plop’ out.

I’d be grateful if anyone can offer some hints or advise. Clearly the poo needs to be more solid. She has a fairly balanced diet. Eats apple and cereal every day.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Hbazzle!Sometimes toddlers can go through periods of time of loose poos. However, as she has a history of constipation and you're hoping she might potty train soon I think it would be best to give our Just One Number team a call on 0300 300 0123. They can talk through everything with you and give you advice.

I hope it resolves for her soon, let us know how you get on!

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