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Has anyone had a reaction to 5 FU chemo with the pump? I started it on may 12 and ended up having every side effect possible hospital 2 days

Nearly a year on from surgery I notice a bulge just below breastbone ,just under middle of my " rooftop " scar .Anyone else got this ?

I had a trans hiatial op leaving a a scar just under my rib cage . The bulge is ...

Its been 6 months since my surgery finished chemo 4weeks ago and had pneumonia. But still feeling week, nauseaus.

and not feeling like doing anything but lie on the bed. Having a scan 6th June i...
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Anyone out there has experienced to have a tumor TIII and after the coadjuvant chemo plus radio treatment the biopsy shows no cells afected.

I have a tumor TIIIN2M0 and I am now through different test ( ecoendoscopy, gast...

After surgery for Gastro-Oesophageal Junction cancer has anyone experienced problems with bile?

Hi all Just wanting to see if anyone has any experience of the symptoms my dad ...

Had surgery 10th dec just finished post-op chemo 9weeks, but had a setback had pneumonia had course of antibiotics.

But still feeling v.weak and tired but cannot sleep without tablets. Feeling lik...

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